2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics And IOT

With the rise of new automation, leaders and companies are on their feet searching for the right information. That’s the reason why this 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics And IOT is happening with the theme “Embracing the Future Together”


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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 | Day 1

08:30-09:15 Registrations

09:30-10:15 Title: Hybrid Navigation System for Minimally Invasive Surgery -Phase I: Offl ine Sensors Calibration, Ali T. Alouani | Tennessee Technological University | USA

10:15:11:00 Title: 5G The Next Frontier in Wireless Communications By Falah Ali | University of Sussex | UK

11:00-11:20 Group Photo, Networking & Refreshment Break @ Le Foyer

11:20-12:05 Title: Future Robotics and Automation for the Third Millennium By Eduard Babulak | Fellow Member, Royal Society | UK Session Introduction

Major Sessions: Quest for Artifi cial Intelligence: Dreams and Dreamers | Knowledge Based Systems | Natural Language Processing | Big Data Analysis | Modern Artifi cial Intelligence | Landmarks in The Development of Robotics | Evolutionary Robotics | Components of Robot | How Robots Changing Our Life | Robots: Reaching Space | A Brief History of Internet | Importance of Modelling and Simulation in The Internet of Things(IoT)

12:05-12:40 Title: The Way AI & Robotics has changed the Gaming World By  Alexander Ipfelkofer | Blizzard Entertainment | France

12:40-1:15 Title: Rockstart- How AI is innovating in healthcare and how to make it work

Kesper Smeets | Rockstart Startups | Netherlands

01:15-2:15 Lunch Break

02:15-02:50 Title: Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Distributed Deep Learning Frameworks on GPUs Xiowen Chu | Hong Kong Bapist University | P.R.C

02:50-03:50 Workshop: Virtual Reality as New Media With Susan Johnston | Select Services Films Inc | USA

03:50-04:10 Networking & Refreshment @ Le Foyer

04:10-04:45 Title: Distributed and Decentralized Artifi cial Intelligence and IoE By

Kyutae Ahn | Trust farm Mobile Inc. | South Korea

Tuesday, August 22, 2018 | Day 2

09:30-10:15 Title: Artificial Immune System Based Approach to Cyber Attack Detection

Tarek Saadawi | City University of New York | USA

10:15:11:00 Title: Intelligent spimes – future of the digital fabric of reality By Pasi Hurri | BaseN Corporation | Finland

11:00-11:20 Networking & Refreshment Break @ Le Foyer

11:20-12:05 Title: Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies have Revolutionary Impact on Healthcare Michaelene Holder March | NHS | UK

Session Introduction

Major Sessions: Ethics of Artifi cial Intelligence | Intelligent Automation | The Coming Future of AI | Robots: Reaching Space | Robots: Saving Our Life | Robots in Industry | Robots: Unsolved Questions | What the Future Holds? | Internet: Making People and Cities Smart | IoT and Globalization | Cyber Security: Threat & Road Ahead| Where We Are Heading

Session Chair: Ali T. Alouani | Tennessee Technological University | USA

12:05-12:40 Title: Apply the MRC/SC Schemes and Belief Propagation Algorithm to TM in the Deployment of IoT System With Joy Chen | Da-Yeh University | Taiwan

12:40-01:15 Title: Data Governance in IoT : Organization Preparednes By Sourav Rout | Telenet | Belgium

01:15-2:15  Lunch Break @ Food and More

02:15-02:50 Title: Classifi cation of VoIP packets and Network Anomaly Detection using Fuzzy Logic By Hansal Shah | Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University | India

02:50-03:25 A Video Presentation on AR, AI & Apps By Susan Johnston | Select Services Films | UK

03:25-04:00 Braindates Sessions

03:55-04:15 Networking & Refreshment @ Le Foyer

04:15-05:00Closing Ceremony

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