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4 Reasons RPA is Better for Indonesia

RPA is Better for Indonesia. But few businesses have tried to use this digital solution yet. So, let’s learn why they should.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is on the rise in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. But in Indonesia, few businesses have tried this digital solution.

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But what is RPA?

RPA is a program that can help you do things that are repetitive. For example, customer registration is something the RPA robot can do. The robot has to be programmed for each specific task.

Yet, robots can do more than simple tasks. They can do complex tasks as well.

If a process uses rules, repeats, and changes in its rules then it would be perfect for automation using RPA.

Why should they install RPA?

Improvements in speed

Robots are good at doing tasks. They can do a task 3 times faster than you can. This means they can register and process more customers than a regular person, which will make the company more efficient and productive.

RPA can work all day and night without needing to take a break. A human needs to take breaks, but RPA does not.

Access to better quality data

It is very difficult for people to enter data in an error-free way. This can be a problem for the clients when it involves their accounts.

If a company’s data is messed up, it can cause bills to be delayed or customers to get higher bills. It may also cause customer service issues.

But, when using RPA, data quality can be improved.

Telecommunication companies in Indonesia can use robots for things. They would be useful because there are a lot of people in Indonesia. And utility companies like PLN would also enjoy using robots because they are a lot of people too. Robots help with jobs that humans don’t want to do like on the phone and other things.

Improve existing systems

Some people worry that their current system can’t handle IT projects. Yet, RPA does not have to be this way because it is low-risk and non-invasive. Other IT projects need a complete overhaul of the system or at least changes in processes.

Many people in the public sector have old systems. These are not always the newest and best. But robots can do the same work as people, so they can take over these systems.

Employees can perform high-value tasks

The idea that jobs will be lost is a concern. It is possible that automation will make some jobs disappear. But there is good news. A study found that, while jobs like data entry clerks and accounting may be gone, more new jobs are being created.

Experts found that while automation will cause 75 million people to lose their jobs, it will also create 133 million new ones.

Data entry clerks can move on to other jobs if they learn new skills. They will have a better chance at getting these jobs because there are more jobs for people who can do the work. This is true even though there will be more people in the future that need help with their data entry work.

In conclusion, RPA is better for Indonesia. Robots can help with IT projects, which are important to the future of the country.