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A Closer Look Into Katalon Studio Automation Testing Tool

Katalon Studio Automation Testing Tool is a tool that can make your testing easier. It can help you find small bugs, and it is also good with Web interfaces, APIs, Windows desktop apps, and mobile apps (both iOS and Android). You should use this tool to make your work easier.

What is Katalon Studio?

Katalon Studio is a tool that helps you make tests of the UI. You can create them without coding and then reuse them. Katalon lets you do some things like testing pop-ups, iFrames, and wait-time. It will work on Windows, macOS, and Linux too.

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Key Traits

Katalon is better than Selenium because it has a wider range of connectors. It also has dual interfaces for people who know more about programming than other people, like those who don’t know much.

Katalon Studio has a helpful feature called scripting. It is able to highlight the syntax, offer code suggestions, and debug your code. Katalon Studio also comes with pre-made templates for different test cases and reports.

This is a way to test your code. It works in local and remote situations, as well as with parallel and sequential testing. It runs on the Groovy (Java) scripting language.

This solution is easy to set up and comes with a lot of pre-installed templates for repeating patterns. Katalon Studio also works on browsers, Windows, and APIs. It includes analytics and recording modules too.

Let’s look at the Katalon Studio Automation Testing Tool

API testing

Unlike other programs, Katalon Studio has an inbuilt module that allows you to test API without needing to do anything else. This means you can automate scripts and do end-to-end testing.

The main features of this software are that it can help you with your code. There is auto-completion in the code, which will let you know if there are any mistakes. The software also has an inspection, which will tell you if there is anything wrong with your code.

The API testing mode lets people import tests from other tools such as Swagger, Postman, and WSDL. Katalon API testing also has an inbuilt response viewer with auto-formatting and search for access to artifacts.

Web testing

Katalon is a web testing solution. It has built-in Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration and DevOps integrations.

It is Selenium compliant and has code-assist utilities like object spy, code refactoring, and in-context references. Katalon also offers a smart XPath location mechanism

Katalon has a way to test websites. It allows you to customize how the test works and have it run automatically. It also lets you import other libraries into your tests so that they work better.

Mobile testing

This module is for people who want to test what they have made. They can test on mobile Web, iOS, and Android without installing anything new.

Katalon speeds up mobile testing. It detects and stores the objects. Tests can be executed locally or remotely, with real devices, simulators or cloud-based services.

Desktop testing

Katalon Studio 7 helps with automation testing for UWP, WinForms, WPF, and Win32.

The module has a lot of features to help you test. The main features are Spy Windows Objects and Record Windows Action. You can use these two tools to see your app, spy on it, and record what it does.