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Amazing RPA Tool: Foxtrot Vs. AssistEdge

RPA tools like Foxtrot and AssistEdge can take away the repetitive tasks that you are fed up with. Check this post to find out how.

What Is Foxtrot?

Created by Enablesoft, Foxtrot is a robotic process automation tool that can change your business process. If you are dealing with heavy tasks like data entry this tool will take it right away without compromising the quality and validation of the input.

You do not have to worry about coding when you have Foxtrot. This tool is easy to set up, thus, giving you more time to finish more important and rewarding assignments.

Foxtrot Highlighted Benefits

•    Authorization

With Foxtrot, you do not need any IT experts to handle your automation. This tool can easily allow non-experienced users to use it right away. Additionally, with the feature called drag and drop, you can immediate automate your task effortlessly and efficently.

•    Robust Library

You can use Foxtrot’s Library to create automation faster than any other RPA tools. This feature also covers actions like decision making, data control, keyboard manipulation, etc.

•    Operational Efficiencies

Human forces are known to be a shortcoming in completing heavy tasks and resources. However, with Foxtrot, your business’s quality and efficiency will significantly improve.

•    Workforce Management

Foxtrot can help you with organizing both of your assets, human worker and automation process. With this tool, you can easily view all the bots that you just implemented. Thus, it gives you more control and better insight on what these assests are doing.

•    Scale Up Automation Organization

Who does not want a bot that can work on the tasks without resting until it finished? Foxtrot bots can do just that! Moreover, these bots do not have any boundary in numbers, pushing it to finish the work faster.

Pricing Plans

Foxtrot is offering Free Demo for you to try. But for other plans, you need to contact the vendor.

What Is AssistEdge?

AssistEdge  is a RPA tool that automate any business process. Moreover, when it comes to integrating with other software tools, AssistEdge allows you to do it without any sweat.

Having more than 20,000 employees around the world, 50 countries to be precise, this company is now one of the biggest RPA manufactureres.

AssistEdge Highlighted Benefits

•    Better Automation Design With Multi-Modal Configuration

AssistEdge allows you to change and configure different process with its multi-modal configuration feature. In other words, you can automate tasks easier while reducing your efforts on customization up to 40 percent.

•    Improves Automation Quality And Accuracy With Dynamic PDF automation

Dynamic PDF automation, one of AssistEdge feature, enables you to complete difficult actions with PDF files. With its bots, you can quickly take the data from any PDF documents faster than using any other RPA  tools.

Numbers shows that it added up over 20 percent of improvement in this area, including in data accuracy and quality.

•    Better Automation Exception Scenarios Handling

Completing and managing complex situations are very hard things to do but not with the help of RPA Tool AssistEdge. This tool enables you to handle difficult while improving its efficiency and quality.

A task like re-running automation can also be handled by AssistEdge. The best part is that it does this without bothering another business process. With that said, it gives a better business process management, lifting up your automation at the better level and reducing errors along the way.

• Improved and Intelligent Automation

AssistEdge does not only focus on automating things like other RPA tools but center on improving itself. With its new feature, it improves and enhances it’s own intelligent, simplifying UX and intelli-sense.

AssistEdge Pricing Plans

AssistEdge does not offer any free trials. When it come to other plans, you need to contact the vendor.

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