Andrew Yang: 2020 US Presidential Hopeful Running Against The Robots

RPA has taken the world by storm and Andrew Yang knows it, one of 2020 US Presidential Candidate. Moreover, he wants to capture this issue seriously, taking it all the way to the White House.

In his first sentence on his campaign, Andrew said that he is running for President as a Democrat in 2020. He also stated his fear for future robots and the country.

 Andrew Yang Running Against The Robots

Automation is no doubt a huge leap for mankind, however, it can also cause negative results as well. Yang claimed that a wrong leader in the new age of automation can lead to the disintegration of human society. Also, he has a specific goal on how to solve it.

Yang said that he would give every adult US citizen a monthly payment of $1,000. Even though his statement sounds promising, he is not the only president that present the idea of UBI or universal basic income. Still, Yang is most outspoken about the reason why people need it.

Andrew Yang is both former corporate lawyer and founder of the company, Venture, that help business owners to start their new industry in new cities, including Detroit and Cleveland.

He is also known for addressing sensitive issues around the country’s economic and social problems.

Even though Yang spoke most about Universal Basic Income, he has over 70 policy recommendation he put in his website. These including acquiring psychologist to monitor the mental health White House’s staff, creating digital social currency.

The Reason Why Andrew Yang Runs For Presidential

Yang explained the reason why he runs for president during the interview with Quartz about the digital workforce, UBI, and other stakes that can cause future damage.

He said that he runs for president because he has a solution or a complete plan on how he can lead the country to a place where the third inning of the greatest economic transformation is happening.

Andrew Yang said that the third inning has brought Donald Trump to America. Trump became president because they automated 4 million jobs away in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and many more to win the race.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the same mistakes that happen will increase to millions of retail workers. These including, fast food workers, call center workers, truck drivers, to name a few.

Yang concluded that he wants to make American realized that it is not globalization and immigrants that changes people’s life but the rise of new technology.

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