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Automation Anywhere Update: Smartest IQ Bot That Makes AI Accessible to Millions

World’s leading RPA company, Automation Anywhere, has announced its latest technology, IQ Bot 6.5. It is an artificial intelligence solution that can expand the market of Robotic Process Automation.

Smartest IQ Bot That Makes AI Accessible to Millions

The latest AI, IQ Bot 6.5, has the capability of learning human behaviors, and other complex activities like auto-detection, read, and even process difficult measures. Moreover,  it has the ability to write documents and send emails over 190 languages.

The global workforce is increasing significantly, predicted to grow around 87 billion mobile workers by 2022. With this AI, users can now access IQ Bots from a mobile device.

In the present, some experts predicted that up to percent of companies are still extracting data from documents and emails manually. Automation Anywhere latest AI has the feature to free up you and your company from the tiring data encoding and sending.

President of HSA, Harvey Spencer, claimed that because the RPA ability to implement digital workforce in a company helps owners to capture important data while improving productivity.

With many companies are eliminating their manual document process through digital workforce and AI, the RPA market has a huge potential to expand, says Spencer.

Advanced AI And RPA Market

A new study by Harvey Spencer Associates released a statement, showing that Advanced Artificial Intelligence and cloud technologies are increasing its market territory.

Another research study proves that automation technology can decrease the cost for companies who are processing the document manually. These include insurance claims, loan applications, invoices, and many more by 84 percent.

IQ Bot 6.5 Features List

•    Unique ability to process low-quality documents and detect handwriting

•    Ability to process documents in 190 languages with a localized interface for English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Mandarin and Simplified Chinese

•    Capability to process document images via the new mobile app 

•    Advanced AI algorithms for smarter document classification and separation

•    Enhanced integrations to unlock capabilities, such as predictive modeling and chatbots sourced from the world’s largest ecosystem of AI partners

Common Challenges In RPA

•    Problem With Company Itself

Because of the necessary requirement, need support from the top, RPA can be difficult to implement. Remember, if you want to have the best of this tool, you have to make sure that all of the department are running along with it. In other words, major departments like fiancé, investor, operation units, marketing, to name a few, are involved with the approach.

•    Problem With The Process Analysis

The completion of robotic process automation is one the most fulfilling, special, and interesting method to accomplish. This is because this approach demands huge supports not only from the working team but also from the leaders.

•    Support Issue

We mentioned how supporting system is one of the most important requirements in RPA. Also, it can be one of the biggest problems if you do not have it.

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