Automation Testing Tools

Let us learn more about process automation and the following testing tools that are available for you. Also, what tools would be perfect for your projects?

Introduction About The Automation Testing Tools

So before anything else, let us know what is the process of automation? Well, it is one of the creation and application where you use the technologies.

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It is used to produce and deliver good services and products. Moreover, it is done using minimal human intervention.

It is unlikely in the manual process. So automation today is used in many various industries. Such as the following:

  • transport
  • utilities
  • defense
  • manufacturing
  • facilities
  • information technology
  • operations
  • and many more

So clearly, we can see that it applies in many many things and operations. Now, how important are the testing tools for your automation?

The Importance Of The Automation Testing Tools

Know that your success relies on the automation testing tools. However, still, it depends if you choose the right tools for your project.

So it is better to know more about the available testing tools. Why? Because not all tools are compatible with your project.

So we have ready some of the lists for you, in this case, you will able to find the right one for you. Here are the following:

  • Kobiton
  • TestProject
  • Eggplant
  • TestArchitect
  • LambdaTest
  • Selenium
  • HP UFT
  • Watir
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester

So let have more insights about the following Automation testing tools.


It is one of the best cloud-based, it is a free and community-powered automation platform. Moreover, the good thing is, the user of Android, IoS can use this app. 

The following things that good in this testing tool:

  • It is not complicated in terms of the setting.
  • No need for the coding if ever you want to get started.
  • It can be shared and reuse around your team and your entire community.
  • It has detailed dashboards that can use in the reporting.
  • Also, it is seamless and can integrate if ever you have a CI or the CD workflow.

Wow, it works the best as it is very simple.


It is one of the award-winning tools and solutions providers. Also, they are labeled to be one of the top analysts in terms of their leaders.

So what are the following features of this provider?

  • They are empowered with artificial intelligence. It views as the technology user’s point of view.
  • They ensure they provide a responsive and scalable application. It is to assure you that they give the increase in the client’s engagement.
  • Next is, they enable have the test maintenance more scalable. Also, it brings your efforts in testing more increase.
  • They can leverage non-invasive automation. The great thing is it applies to the critical systems.
  • They have the smooth, fast, and seamless tools that will help your team.


So lastly, is the LambdaTest. It is also one of the cloud bases cross-browser.

They empower their users to perform many automated compatibility for the web apps.

Their features:

  • One-click login, which is very convenient for the user. It applies in the following tools:
    • Asana
    • JIRA
    • Slack
  • They can automate screenshot testing in multiple combinations at a time.