Automation Tool Selection Criteria For Your Project

Automation Tool Selection Criteria gives you the right standard for creating the right automation path. Check out this post to find out more.

Automation Tool Selection Criteria For Your Project

Common software testing kinds, such as regression testing, functional testing, unit testing, integration testing, and so on, are being replaced by automated testing programs. Today, test automation does regard as the most efficient and effective technique to improve any software program’s coverage, efficiency, and effectiveness.

It is altering how engineers do testing activities. Having stated that the most difficult challenge for every project is determining if Test

Understand your project’s requirements completely.

Maintaining an application’s quality through providing a bug-free result is critical to the success of any project. Automated testing can assist in enhancing project quality by expanding the breadth and depth of tests.

Before you begin, gain a thorough grasp of your project’s needs, such as project type (web/desktop/mobile), the scope of the project, and the current team’s expertise in coding language.

There is no such thing as a good or terrible tool. Still, the demand determines the ROI of any device, i.e., what exactly needs to be automated and how many test cases require automation.

As a starting point, consider your current test automation tool.

Our team used the Selenium Test Automation Tool as a benchmark to analyze and identify the best automation tool for their project. However, before assessing alternative means, it is necessary to understand the benefits and downsides of the Selenium Web Driver framework.

What Is Selenium?

Selenium is a free and open-source tool for testing web apps and web pages. It includes a record-playback tool for creating and recording playback test scripts.

DFI supports C#, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Node.js languages but lacks appropriate customer support. However, Selenium uses testing teams familiar with coding methodologies and who test web apps through the UI.

Maintenance using Selenium would be a headache for a single tester who must handle manual and automated testing and may require a full-time developer for upkeep. Another issue with this utility is browser compatibility.

Determine the most important project criteria.

Before selecting the ideal automation solution for a project, there are several crucial factors to consider. Here is a summary of some of the important factors that did consider to choose the best tool in our scenario.

Ease of Creating and Maintaining Scripts:

To reduce people and time resources, test script development and maintenance should be as easy as feasible.

Test Execution Ease for Non-Technical Users

The test suite execution should be easy enough for any project member to run as needed. It should also be simple for manual testers with little or no technological skills.

Web, desktop, and mobile application support

Using three separate tools for three distinct sorts of platforms for test automation is a difficult process. Therefore, it is preferable to use a tool that supports all three platforms.

Intuitive Test Report Because test reports establish trust, they must be intuitive and straightforward enough for the management team to grasp.

Testing Across Browsers

When there are various end-users and no specific browser restrictions, cross-browser testing is necessary.

Keyword and Data-Driven Testing Assistance

The data-driven testing paradigm is supplemented with keyword-driven testing. When a project grows in complexity, the test framework must be expanded.

Technical Assistance and Support

Automation Engineers will undoubtedly want assistance while dealing with project-critical issues. Therefore, a tool that gives technical support and guidance would be beneficial.

Languages such as C#, Java, Python, and others are supported.

It is impossible to capture every test situation. In certain circumstances, the tester is required to write the code. As a result, a tool that supports the essential language for writing bespoke scripts would be beneficial.

Integration of TFS DevOps and builds

It is vital to have support for integrating with Continuous Integration systems for automated builds and deployments.


Evaluate the cost difference between the various available automation technologies based on the following features and project cost estimations.

Make use of the Pugh Matrix Technique for Analysis.

Our team used the Pugh Matrix methodology to select the best tool for the mid-scale online desktop. Also, it includes mobile test automation, based on a few of the main criteria listed above.

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