Automation Tools: AutomationEdge Vs. Oracle Process Cloud

Completing repetitive tasks can drain the energy of your best employees, decreasing their production and affecting the sales. However, with RAP tools like AutomationEdge and Oracle Process Cloud can turn in around.

What Is AutomationEdge?

If you are looking for a tool that provides Machine Learning capabilities, Chatbots, Intelligent Automation bots then AutomationEdge is the one you are looking for. With its advanced features, it reduces the cost, increases responsive time, improves the business process, and many more.

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AutomationEdge provides ready Bots and development environment to build new Bots.

AutomationEdge Highlighted Benefits

•    Excel Automation

AutomationEdge comes with the advanced feature that allows you to automate Excel effortlessly. Moreover, it allows you to pull all the data that you need to validate, check and reduce your data processing time.

•    Chatbot Automation

AutomationEdge’ Chatbot is equipped with AI or Artificial Intelligence that communicate and interact with your customers. Additionally, the bots can gather information, makeup questions, and even do the task for your office application through text, email, and chat window.

Also, with this Chatbot, you can reach your customers anytime and anywhere. It allows you to integrate all your mobile and online platforms like apps, text messages, and websites.

•    SAP Automation

The most critical part for any companies to handle is the data itself, as it contains the sensitive and private part of the organization. However, with AutomationEdge feature,  SAP automation, you can assure that your data are safe.

With SAP Automation, other shareholders can gain more insight, control the automation process, reduce the cost, improve the production and reliability, and many more.

•    Web UI Automation

As we all know, the web is not the biggest place for people to integrate their technology across the globe. Looking at the latest data, the numbers of providers and system are using web-based application and cloud are increasing significantly.

With that said, Web UI Automation helps you to access data all around the world, managing and protecting your data from accessing it.  

AutomationEdge Pricing Plans

AutomationEdge does offer free demo. As for other plans, you need to contact the vendor.

What is Oracle Process Cloud?

Oracle Process Cloud is a software solution platform that aims to automate repetitive tasks, process, analytics, and many more.

Oracle Process Cloud Highlighted Benefits

•    Advanced Features

Oracle Process Cloud advanced features like analytics permit you to increase visibility to business process performance. After that, it coordinates the process in a smarter and efficient way through its real-time feature.

 As for its Dashboards and other features, Oracle Process Cloud can improve and leverage your data from different source systems in no time. Moreover, it includes other Oracle software like Oracle BPM, integrating BAM report and designs, and other third-party applications,

•    Better Integration

As mentioned above, Oracle Process Cloud allows you to integrate into other products. These include tools like Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle BPM, and Oracle’s ERP products.

When it comes of third-party software like Salesforce, WorkFusion, and SAP, Oracle Process Cloud got you cover. Thus, you can easily develop and build your own intelligent process applications that can integrate with Oracle products and third-party applications.

•    Easy To Use

With Oracle Process Cloud features that highly ease of use and scalability, you do not need to depend too much on IT, developers, O&M (Operations and Maintenance) staffs.

Oracle Process Cloud Pricing

Oracle Process Cloud does offer a free demo. For other plans, please contact the vendor.