Automation Use Cases: The Best Ones

What are some of the best automation use cases of today? And how does this help each area to be better versus a manual process?

If you are wanting to automate, you might be looking for ideas on where to automate. And that is a good move.

So, in this article, we will see some use cases for automation. Read on to know more.

Automation Use Cases: The Best Ones

Customer Service

Modern customers demand more when it comes to customer service. They want effective solutions to their needs fast. And they want it anywhere they are.

So, how can you do that? Yes, automation. Automated customer service like chatbots can sort queries. Then, it can answer simple questions. If it gets hard, it forwards it to the right department.

Like the tech department or the service department. With this, agents can give the right solutions and they do it faster.

So, there is no need for customers to talk from one agent to another.

Invoice Processing

Invoice processing is one area where human error can be high. Especially because it is in volumes. As a result, there might be delayed or incorrect payments.

So, to avoid this, automation is best used. It can automatically process invoices once it receives one. It can automate the data input and reconciliation error.

Then, it can even process some areas that need a little decision-making.

Sales Orders

Making sure that data is consistent is a difficult task. Sales reps and finance analysts will need to spend a lot of time on manual and mundane tasks.

And this may result in duplication. But with automation, this becomes can be avoided. It can automate tasks like sales code entry, invoicing, and more.

Also, it removes any duplicate data. Thus, your employees get to save a lot of time. And they can focus more on their main tasks.


Payroll is a monthly repetitive task for every HR team. And this needs a large volume of data entry all the time. But this process is also prone to human error.

So, it may result in wrong or delayed salaries. To avoid this, it is best to automate payroll. It can verify if the data is consistent and add bonuses or deduct what is needed.

Also, it can do other tasks like paycheck creation and more. Thus, avoiding delays and more.

Price Comparison

You may buy in bulk to manufacture products or give out services. But you may find it hard to compare prices. Yet, it is crucial as it can impact your revenue.

So, you may research to find the best prices. But this can be time-consuming. What is the best way to do this? Yes, still automation.

It not only compares prices, but it also compares the quality and attributes of the product.

Automation Use Cases

So, there are some of the use cases for automation. Are you ready to get on the bandwagon? But do you find it hard to do? The leading digital adoption platform, WalkMe, is very much willing to help.

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