Biggest Cybersecurity Companies Ranked by

Threats grow both in number and complexity, making cybersecurity businesses do well. Read on to see the biggest cybersecurity companies ranked by revenue. 

Cybersecurity businesses sell services and products to protect us from various digital threats. Many organizations and individuals acknowledge the importance of cybersecurity. As result, the cybersecurity market is booming at it seems like it won’t slow down in the unforeseeable future. But which are the biggest cybersecurity companies?

Listed below are the biggest cybersecurity companies ranked by revenue.


Originally named Data Fellows, F-Secure is a leading Scandinavian cybersecurity company. The company had no intentions to make cybersecurity products. Their goal was and training on cybersecurity threats. However, that changed several years later when they decided to focus on developing cybersecurity tools.

F-Secure had a breakthrough by creating the first heuristic scanner for antivirus software. Thus, they are currently one of the most successful Finnish companies.

Kaspersky Lab

Founded in 1997, this company is best known for its antivirus software. It was one of the most advanced on the market even on release. At that time, it was the only antivirus that could remove specific malware variants. As result, more enterprises have turned to Kaspersky for antivirus protection. 

Moreover, Kaspersky Lab offers a wide array of security services including password management and cloud security. Furthermore, the company also offers numerous products to home users. One of those tools is a secure browser, a password manager, and file backup.


Like Kaspersky Lab, Avast is famous for its anti-malware applications. However, they offer more than that. Some of their offerings are a VPN and utility tools to save space on your storage. The company currently has 435 million active users. 

Avast began when Eduard Kučera and Pavel Baudiš created a program to remove the then-famous Vienna virus. In 1995, the collaboration resulted in the first antivirus software for Windows 95.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks focuses on network protection. Yet, they extend their services to other weak points as well. They developed PAN-OS, a next-gen firewall that uses machine learning. 

Furthermore, the company develops a wide array of products so people can rely on them for each of their cybersecurity needs. 

Moreover, their intelligence team Unit 42 gathers and analyzes threats. Those are encountered via their cybersecurity products. That is the reason why sometimes such products ask your permission to submit your data. 

One of Unit 42’s notable achievements is when they played a massive part in uncovering the Mirai Botnet, one of the biggest DDoS attacks. 


Gary Hendrix found this company in the early ‘80s. The company was called Symantec. Furthermore, it focused on AI projects on natural language processing. Yet, they gradually moved to cybersecurity products. Norton Antivirus is their most known tool up to this day. 

In 2014, Symantec split into two independent companies. Those are Broadcom (security division) and Veritas Technologies (information management division). Afterward, Symantec Enterprise division of BroadcomBroadcom then adopted the new name for its enterprise division as NortonLifeLock. 

Moreover, NortonLifeLock is currently number one among the biggest cybersecurity companies. The company’s products cover both desktop and mobile and perform well on a variety of independent tests.

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