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BMC Update: Automation Anywhere Partners With BMC To Give Cognitive RPA

To give us the best RPA, BMC has decided to form a partnership with the RPA company specialist, Automation Anywhere. This RPA is equipped with BMC’s Helix solutions, giving the tool to have advanced abilities.

Automation Anywhere Partners With BMC To Give Best RPA

Nayaki Nayyar, BMS president of digital service management, announced that the core of BMC helix is the Cognitive Automation itself. With a strong partnership with Automation Anywhere, it enables us to further transform their ITSM to an advanced cognitive solution with RPA.

To create an advanced Cognitive RPA, BMC’s Helix solution integrates with Automation Anywhere RPA tools, combining best AI and scalable RPA.

The digital workforce of Automation Anywhere is known best for working alongside human forces, automating their repetitive and routine tasks away. BMC Helix, on the other hands, is specialized for transferring and synchronizing data across various systems.

Cognitive Robotic Process Automation

This advanced cognitive RPA solution has the ability to finish basic tasks in few seconds. You need only a single click to gives your customers the best customer experienced and service.

Peter Meehan, Automation Anywhere’s co-operated development officer, pointed out that companies nowadays are adopting and implementing RPA that equipped with AI more than before. This is because it can automate the business process better, faster, and almost error-free.

With the partnership between Automation Anywhere and BMC, RPA platform can now increase productivity while optimizing the company’s profitability.

 The growth of RPA is so fast that it is hard to predict that rate anymore as it offers a high level of productivity and results. Gartner claimed that by the end of the year 2022, large companies will deploy RPA by 85 percent.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Definition

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technology that uses either computer software or Robot to stock up, construe, and manipulate data for large-scale labor purposes. It helps the company with its labor requirements and reduces huge cost.

Huge volumes of labor need a large amount of transaction. RPA software helps with this area, cutting down on cost and time necessities. Furthermore, it boosts the company’s production and conversion.

If you happen to have a precise goal for your company, RPA helps you to achieve it. This is because this method not only offers services industry with a practical workforce, it also a part of human-computer technology.

In other words, you can easily design it to automate your company the way you want it to be.

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