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Can RPA be the Answer to Malaysia’s Productivity?

RPA the Answer to Malaysia’s Productivity. Malaysia needs to improve its economic productivity. If it doesn’t, it will be worse off in the future. It already has low productivity. That is not good for Malaysia.

The government is trying to help with this problem. They are doing this by giving more training and investing in technology. But one solution has come up that might work for Malaysia.

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Last year, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, started a plan to make Malaysia more productive. The prime minister wants to increase the productivity growth in Malaysia by 3.7% by 2020.

Hence, RPA can help the PM with his initiative. It is a machine that can do many of the same things that humans do, like getting things done. When we have RPA, we won’t need humans to do these tasks.

This view is for advanced countries with a lot of white-collar workers.

Why the need of RPA?

It is important to first clarify some reasons why many firms are turning to RPA. It is for the purpose of automating their processes that can be inefficient.

Many institutions built in the 80’s or 90’s have old technology that is not working. It can’t handle the regulation, transparency, and new technology.
These systems are not only slow but very difficult to automate. They also run on outdated codes that few people understand anymore. This means that you need to hire people who can do the jobs computers should be able to do, so there will be a lot of mistakes in the industry.

RPA allows humans to be real humans

There are many reasons to use robots. They can save money and be efficient. A more compelling argument for robotic automation is that they can also do things people cannot do, like work in dangerous places or work long hours.

Employees can do more valuable tasks

In fact, humans were not designed to do boring and repetitive tasks. This is because we get bored easily and this makes us prone to making mistakes.
We have creative, innovative, intuitive and problem-solving skills. Jobs that use these skills make us happy.

With RPA, people can do different tasks. These are more important and valuable jobs.

In the future, accountants will do more than just counting beans. They will have a broader business outlook and they will be able to provide more advice. Accountants in the future will be consultants who are able to help people with better data.

Employees improve higher skills

When employees start their careers in higher positions, they will be more productive. This will help the company they work for and it will also make them better than people who started out doing simple tasks.

Faster, cheaper services

For larger banks, it is good to be able to automate simple processes. This will make it easier for people to buy a home or get loans because the bank can do things faster.

Small businesses and start-ups will have cheaper financial services. They can use their money for hiring instead of just investing.


Can RPA be the Answer to Malaysia’s Productivity?
The answer is yes. Malaysia needs to improve its products so that it can do better in the future. One way this can be done is by improving the technology and using RPA.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

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