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Digital Adoption Case Study: Cybersecurity Company Adopting A CRM Tool

Digital adoption case study- learn how digital adoption strategies work. 

Proceeding towards digitalization can never work by being too dependent on what works on others. The initiative to transform should, of course, comes from within. This should start from the executives down to the workers.

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However, you might have heard of many failing DX projects. You may lose heart and feel negative about transformation projects. 

On the other hand, learning from successful DX initiatives can do otherwise. For instance, in this article, we will be listing an exemplary digital adoption project. Perhaps you can gain inspiration and glean strategies from them.

Digital Adoption Case Study: CRM Tool Adoption by Internal Users


Sophos is a company that offers cybersecurity solutions globally. The company also houses more than 3,000 employees in seven countries.


This huge cybersecurity firm wants to streamline business processes and client relationship management. So to improve client relationship management, the company adopted a CRM tool by Salesforce

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool can help you better manage your customer’s data. Thus, helps you improve your relationship and personalize engagement with them.

Moreover, to take advantage of the tool, Sophos keeps its tool updated with Salesforce’s latest offers and customizations. They do so on a monthly basis. 

However, their users were not adopting the new technology quickly. With a plethora of new processes of the new tool, their users had a hard time keeping track of the updates. As a result, the company received massive support tickets. 

Certainly, the option to handle one-on-one training in coping up with this disruption will not do. So the company makes way for the following goals:

  • Reduce support tickets
  • Provide employees with self-serve support options

The main goal is to improve training and adoption with the new technology.


To address the adoption dilemma, Sophos seek help from a digital adoption platform, Whatfix.

How did they do so?

1. Employee Training

First, the company ensured that its internal customers are well versed with the new technology. So they created multiple guided walkthroughs using Salesforce’s features. The guide, for instance, contains the tools’ basic functions down to its more complex features. The learning process is gradual as the user carefully adapts.

2. Providing Self-Serve Guides

As mentioned, the company aims to provide its employees with self-serve guides. By doing so, they can answer their own concerns through the tool. Also, it should help reduce the number of support tickets.

Sophos did so by leveraging their digital adoption platform (DAP) by increasing in-app guidance. Inside, users are provided with self-help menus that link them to the company’s knowledge base. Also, Whatfix created some supporting content to further revamp the aid. These guides come in form of articles and videos, for instance.


As they worked through these strategies, their support tickets were reduced by 15%. This frees up the support team’s time in solving them. Thus, making employees more productive in general.

Today, the company, Sophos, can manage more than 1,000 employees on Salesforce. Not to mention how it also maintains their user satisfaction score to 9/10.

What did you learn from this digital adoption case study? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

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