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Digital Transformation 101: What Is It All About?

Digital transformation 101, so we will focus on what is the basics of digital transformation. Things that we should remember in implementing it in our company.

Introduction About Digital Transformation 101

Digital transformation 101. So we will talk all about the digital transformation.

  • What is digital transformation?
  • Are there following benefits and advantages?
  • What are the social trends that drive digital transformation?

We know how popular now a day is a digital transformation. Many companies now are making steps in implementing the digital strategy.

Using technology as the approach to upgrade their operations and customer experience. But, what is digital transformation?

What Is Digital Transformation 101?

Digital transformation is the action in which technologies are used for the following:

  • to make integration,
  • optimization, and
  • improve existing process

These are used for the company to be productive and effective. Therefore, it is not just about introducing new digital services to be used in the office.

Moreover, digital transformation will help your company to evaluate your process. Such as the following:

  • If things are updated,
  • overhaul the things to know if something is not already working out,
  • remaking the key operations.

The Major Benefits In Implementing The Digital Transformation

  • Boost your company efficiency

It will help your company to integrate current operations or workflows. Moreover, it will help you automate various tasks.

So is helpful that you could focus more on other important matters.

  • Increased your company productivity

So with transformation, it results in better collaboration across all the departments in your company. Also, it results in more smooth communication and boosts the engagement of people.

All thanks to the digital that makes it possible, maximizing productivity.

  • Improve your staff and operations accuracy

So with automation, your company will able to minimize human errors. Such as forgetting the task and inputting mistakes.

Also, by decreasing the errors, you will save costs with this.

  • Provide more insight into new things

Collecting data will make a better business decision. Why? Because with this data you will able to analyzed and optimize more on the following:

  • your products,
  • services,
  • and many more.
  • Heightened your customer’s service experience

So with technology, you will able to make your brand experience more efficient, convenient, or cheaper for your customers.

Social Trends That Drive The Digital Transformation

Digital transformation does not happen overnight, nor it could happen in a vacuum. It should be in a process or historically undergo big shifts.

Therefore, technology could lead to major changes in your company and society. However, these changes are already adapt by society.

It leads already to more innovative solutions for most users. So the following are the trends of changes:

  • Online purchase for many shoppers. The advantages go to both sellers and shoppers. As sellers will able to sell on a media platform. Then shoppers can easily shop by just tapping.
  • Shopping online has become more than ever. Well, with access to the internet. You will able to view a lot more good goods.
  • Most of the company showcase their brand value through social media. No more window shopping to find a good product. Consumers will just want to go to your website and find good goods there.
  • Our daily lives have been done online. From work, shopping, and maintaining social relationships are mostly done in digital. 

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