Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation 2018

What were the trends of digital transformation 2018? Can we still see these aims as of this year?

Let’s know more about that in this article.

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Digital Transformation 2018

2018 was a year of the mainstream. Some of the digital transformation techs we see now began and were made extra popular 2 years ago.

This only goes to prove how fast-moving our technology is. With new techs rising up here and there to make the client experience more useful.

And we could not help but thank 2018 for some of the changes that we can know now. What were those, then?

IoT Everywhere

In 2018, the Internet of Things or IoT began to become popular and more seen everywhere. With the focus being analytics, 5G, and edge computing.

And because of that, we can see more active versions of IoT techs today. Especially for analytics.

Early Deployment of 5G

Two years ago, we saw more telecommunications businesses spend more on 5G. And its early deployments were a benefit.

But 2018 did not see 5G fit the mainstream. It’s still even making its way this year to be one.

But, thanks to the leadership two years ago, we can see 5G even closer right now.

Blockchain Finding Its Way

Blockchain led to finding its way outside the financial area in 2018. As major cloud providers began to give blockchain as a service.

This is so that they can give better security models. And blockchain has started its way into business and HR in that year. But, it still hasn’t started on smaller firms.

AI Became Mainstream

2018 saw the mainstreaming of Artificial Intelligence. With virtual helpers like Alexa and Siri becoming more popular in the year.

Also, more firms used AI to help better their workers’ and clients’ lives. Adding it to their computer methods, programs, and software for the company.

Also, chatbots to answer and help clients became more popular.

AR Rose, VR Stagnated

Augmented Reality has many ways to grow. And in 2018, more companies saw that AR is more affordable and easier to use. That’s AR started to increase that year in the company.

While Virtual Reality took a backseat and delayed. But firms were still finding ideas to make it better.

Company Culture Was Still The Biggest Barrier

Nothing’s changed. In 2018, company culture was also one of the biggest barriers to digital change. The same as today in the company.

Companies found it hard to take big actions on their visit in the business. Because few people are on board the actions needed to take for the firm.

Digital Transformation Was The Way

And this is real until this year. Digital transformation was, and still, is the way to make the business forward for the buyers.

More and more businesses found that to be true two years ago. And more are understanding that to date. Those who began early on have better chances than that only receiving now for the company.

So, what are the trends two years ago that are still almost? Or become more useful today?