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Digital Transformation Accenture

What can we learn about the digital transformation of Accenture? So, let us know about Accenture company.

Know Digital Transformation Accenture

Who is the Accenture? They are a global professional services company.

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They have 482 thousand employees in more than 120 countries around the world. Moreover, they are providing a range of services and solution strategies. Also, consulting with digital transformation.

Also, helping businesses with technology and operations. They combining the experience and specialized skills across that 40 industries.

So, all of that is a business function underpinned by the worldwide delivery network. This Accenture work as the interaction of business and technology.

They helping a client to improve their performance. Also, create sustainable value for leaders. Also, this company defines as a new combination of digital and cloud.

It has a security-related service that allows innovative technology. This company’s innovation architecture is bringing together Accenture research.

So, to identify market and technology trends. They have the ventures to invest in growth-stage companies.

Their lab is to incubate and prototype concepts. It applies to research and development. Also, the studios are built for solutions in their client with speed and agility.

The Innovation

This service has ten innovations hub across the United State. Then, their employees work side by side with clients to ideate aly prototype.

They launch transformative ideas to help them reimagine their futures and solve problems. So, the core is the client that has hands-on access transformation technologies like the following:

  • Artifical intellgience
  • Blockchain
  • Robotics
  • Drone with computer vision
  • Virtual reality

What are the specialized careers of this company? So, every Accenture has to practice offers a different way to create innovation in the following:

  • Strategy shapes for the future at the intersection of business and technology
  • Consulting transform business into industry expertise and insight
  • Has digital creates value through new experiences and new intelligence with a new connection
  • Technology powers businesses with the cutting point solution using established and rising technologies
  • Operation delivers outcome into infrastructure and cloud with business process services
  • Security driving tailored of cybersecurity service that builds resilience from inside and out

Driving Wih Commitment

So, this Accenture service company has a culture of culture. Where people experience a sense of being and can be their best professional and personal.

They create an inclusive workplace to ensure people feel comfortable engaging in honest. Also, open dialogue about difficult topics of bias and inclusion.

So, without judgment and career limitation. In the year 2018, they are launching interactive training.

It is to demonstrate how to identify microaggression in the workplace. Also, they improving the way of works.

This innovating responsibly is fundamental for Accenture’s culture and company empowerment. Its people teach the positive impact of innovation for their clients and people.

But also for the partner and communities. Into the global skill for success initiative this service track to equip more than 3 million people.

It has the skill to get a job and build a business. They are proud to be a responsible corporate citizen.

So, using the capabilities and digital translation to innovate society.