Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Business Case

Do you want to know how to write a digital transformation business case?

Businesses today are doing their digital transformation (DX). But the crash speed is very high at 70%.

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Why so? Because some fail even only at the preparing step. Failing to make the right DX business case.

So, how can you write one and show benefit?

Digital Transformation Business Case: Tips

Make a Roadmap

First on the list: make a complete and clear roadmap before rising your DX. Firms fail to do this by making a roadmap in the middle of their DX or not making any at all.

No two DX are the same. So, you need to make one that fits your company’s needs. But, there are four key roles all DX needs to have:

  • Target. Begin with where you want to go after your digital change.
  • How to get there. Set a timeline for the whole DX. Then, make a model of the final result by using data or case education.
  • Key projects. Make a full list of steps needed to finish the DX. Then, make a list of where to start and services you need to work with.
  • Main signs. Make a list. Then, analyze the whole DX plan into small milestones and do things step-by-step.

It is what makes your roadmap full. But what are its goals and objectives? 

You can use the SMART model to know this:

  • Specific. What do you want to do? Why? Who’s included?
  • Assessable. How do you cover success in leading the goal? What are the funds?
  • Achievable. What do we need to lead this purpose?
  • Important. Is it the right time to set this object? Does it match our wants? Do we have the right form to help us?
  • Time-bound. When will we give this goal? How high is should every purpose take?

Know Metrics For Success

You need to meet your DX based on data. So, placed metrics to make sure you make your purposes a fact.

You will need to base it on what your goals are for doing a digital transformation. 

For example, you can use these metrics if you try to improve customer connections:

  • User lifetime value. It is important if you plan to use technology to get new buyers. It lets you know how much value you get for every new customer and measure your ROI.
  • Inbound and outbound marketing performance. A lot of companies use this in digital marketing. 

Another metric is for common use:

  • Customer experience. It has the promoter score and buyer churn current. Also the customer satisfaction time.

Use the Organizational Change Control Plan

This plan allows you to know of any changes needed inside and outside your company. It also reduces the bad effects in making these changes.

If a leader, it can help in:

  • Committing DX goes to the right workers
  • Knowing the changes needed in all fields
  • Inserting new plans and actions to make the DX run smooth

Also, it can lead you in writing the best digital transformation business case.