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Digital Transformation Risks

Learn the following digital transformation risks and mistakes so you could avoid this. Especially if digital transformation is new to you.

Introduction About Digital Transformation Risks And Errors

Today, because of the pandemic, it results in to increase in the global digital shaft. Moreover, even the survey says that it is better to invest in technology to mitigate the impact of any issues.

But, what will happen to those 1/4 of the business population that have not yet made any digital shifts? How can they adjust to this pandemic crisis and jump to digital transformation?

The fact that it is very important and urgent to do transition into digital. What are the things they need to do?

Anyways, we can shift later to the things they need in transformation. But we will tackle first the digital transformation risk they might encounter.

Also, the things or mistakes they should avoid to commit.

Digital Transformation Risks And Errors A Company Should Be Aware Of

Here we have four on the list. So here are the following:

  1. Shiny Object Syndrome
  2. Staying siloed
  3. Doing too much too soon
  4. Underestimating The Extent Of Change

Risk number one: Shiny Object Syndrome

Sometimes due to pressure to go transformation, some companies just jump into the situation. Also, some may find the transformation exciting and just forget thinking furthermore.

However, the technology trend such as automation and AI is not an easy matter. Thus it could formulate a solution on the spot.

It needs a process, understanding, and a quiet time to be a success. So for those who think that a digital transformation is a shiny object like an answer given from the sky, please think twice.

However, we do not discourage digital transformation. But this is advice to avoid any issues.

Moreover, note that any new technology application needs to be

a broad part of your company. 

Risk number two: Staying siloed

Digital transformation is not a job for one. But it is a job for the whole company.

Yes CIO or IT department supervise the whole process. However, the whole departments of your company should take part in this transformation.

Moreover, the change is for the whole culture of the company. Starting from every operation of the department down to delivering the customer experience.

Risk Number Three: Doing Too Much Too Soon

Yes, digital transformation is a fast phase. However, you need to do it with a focus and timeline.

Doing it in a short time but without assuring a good result is still a failure. So how will you do it right?

You may start in a survey of what your customers and employees expect today, tomorrow, and the future. Then you could analyze how you will make it right in quickly but safely. 

Timeline and evaluating from time to time could be helpful.

Risk Number Four: Underestimating The Extent Of Change

Sometimes it is very tempting to just go freely with any restriction in your digital efforts. Such as immediate telecommuting, infrastructure security, and chain diversification. 

So this kind of mindset could be the result of wanting to minimize the costs. You might just want to go back to a business place.

However, this kind of mindset is wrong. Because digital transformation needs a time of the process and it needs investment.

But doing it right could result in a better outcome.

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