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Digital Transformation Thailand: The Plans

What is the digital transformation Thailand plan? And how is the country making sure that its works will pay off in the future?

Thailand’s digital push is looking great these days. From being in 57th spot in the UN’s e-Government Development Index. Now, it is in escaped high in 20th place.

How? Due to the big works made to give its citizens access to mobile and broadband. But that is not all.

There are still a lot more jobs the country is looking to do. For one, they plan to use AI to speed up their plans.

What are these plans?

Digital Transformation Thailand: AI is the Future

No country is free from doing digital transformation or Dx. Especially today that the pandemic made it more important to do one.

So, Thailand is also in on the Dx chain. And as said, the country is now seeing AI make a lot of their big plans.

The Digital Government Development Agency or DGA is the one starting them.

First, one of these plans is an e-audit. The country is preparing to look at its past audit records. Then, make a “knowledge base” for the design.

Next, the algorithm will know keywords from past papers. This is to help companies from making mistakes in the agreement or risky plans.

Second, the DGA is also going with NECTEC. Or the National Electronic and Computer Technology Center.

Their plan is to make chatbots that will help businesses in handling tools. Then, if a power outage happens, they can report it there in real-time.

Third, they will also make an AI program. One that will let engineers go together by sharing data and plans.

So, any good algorithm made by one business can be then sold to others who need it. And this is important. Why?

Because making algorithms on limited data will make sure that AI types solve local problems.

But that is not all. There is another Thai plan that looks interesting.

Thailand’s Digi-ID

Thailand is making a progress to make a digital ID or Digi-ID. These are the basic terms in all the country’s ongoing digital plans.

So, their one plan with this is to reduce the need for paperwork. One that Thais still rely on so much.

With Digi-ID, they try to do paperwork online rather. All without the need of getting lots of usernames and passwords.

Further, they will ask this the National Digital Identity or NDID. And its program will use blockchain and facial identification. To assure the safety of data.

Then, they will let citizens have more famous power over their data. And who they will give way to it.

Very soon, they will make a choice that will let users choose how they want to give their data.

So, this will look very important for both government companies and their people. Making for an easier way to the services that they need.

How do you think will these works pay off in the expectation? And what else can we view from Thailand soon?

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