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Email Automation Tools We Can Enjoy

Email Automation Tools. An automated email is sending emails to people when they need the information. It can help with marketing. Email marketing is good for businesses. It helps them make their messages more effective as well as personalized and relevant to their customers. One way to do this is by using email automation so they can send out the right message at the right time.

You can use automation for email campaigns. It is one of the best ways to communicate with people who are interested in your updates. This way you don’t miss any opportunities to generate new leads, sales, and revenue.

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With email marketing automation, you can learn about people. This way you can learn their wants and needs. You also find out more about what types of people like your products.

Email Automation Tools are as follows without any order.


E-goi lets you send out emails to people. You can also break up an email campaign by sending out updates using other things like faxes, SMS, or voice messages.


Act-On helps big companies that have a lot of different programs going at the same time. They help to make sure that all of the different types of programs are working well together for them to get good results.


LeadSquared helps you be more effective in your marketing. It does this by emailing and combining it with sales activities.

SAP Sales Cloud

Another way to find good people is with SAP Sales Cloud. This technology helps you find people who are interested in your product. It can also tell if a person is not interested or it might be too hard for them to buy.


Marketo is a good email marketing service. It gives you the ability to send emails to customers based on their behavior. You will know what they like because of this, which helps you sell to them.


GetNotify is a free tool that lets you know when your email gets read by the recipient. You just send your emails with “” to the person’s email address, and they will not know it is you who is tracking their opens.

Campaign Monitor

Email marketing campaigns are not good if you can’t automate things like testing, tracking, and optimizing. With Campaign Monitor, you can. It has interactive analytics that is easy to review and act on.

They have a second option called CM Commerce that is for eCommerce users.


PageModo is a tool that can turn your Facebook page into a website. You can use it to collect different types of information.


GoViral (formerly SmartBribe) is a free service that helps you get your email subscribers to share your opt-in with their friends. When they use it, they will get a free bonus. And if they share this with their friends, then those people will also get a free bonus.


Litmus is a tool to test emails. It is really easy to use. With one click, you can see how the email looks on up to 40 devices and clients. This will save time when you are checking all the different ways it could look on each device.

Reach Mail

The Reach Mail testing lets you compare the performance of up to five different email campaigns at a time. It also takes into account things like subject lines, text, and images. You can use this to see which emails will perform best.