Game Of Thrones: How RPA is Similar to the ‘Game of Thrones’

GoT or better known as “Game of Thrones” has been the most watched TV series in the past few years, taking the world by storms. Still, RPA is exactly like Game of Thrones, read along to find out why.

What Is ‘Game Of Thrones’?

Even you are living under the rock you might hear about this TV series. However, for those who never hear about it, Games OF Thrones is a TV series that has a plot revolving around the Iron Throne. This throne is a symbol of the ultimate power were a character in the show fight for the position with everything and plots they can come up with,

To survive and win the game, it needs both intellect and strong relationship. Thus, these values are essential in implementing RPA in the business process.

Better Data Leads To Superior Decisions

It is a common thing people to have to something to decide about before they can decide what to do with it. Thus, to make an excellent decision, you need the right data and information.

When it comes to RPA, using lead management to gather information is the right feature for the task. Moreover, it helps your leads and manages the data correctly, empowering you to track everything that you do whether it is on websites or apps.

Compare of to the famous show, your leads are your allies in Westeros, a continent where the Iron Throne rules over. They help in your automation process if you learn more about them.

On the contrary, making bad decisions can lead to a painful failure. If you are not gathering the right information about the solution tool or the capability of the business process, it can do harm than good.

Let us look at one of the characters, Stannis Baratheon. He was well known for making bad decisions that lead to his death, misjudging his resources while gathering wrong data from Melisandre. In other words, he does not know his business process or the RPA tool that he needs at all

A bad decision can be anything from targeting the wrong leads to qualifying leads pre-maturely. Stannis Baratheon is a good example of how bad data leads to bad decisions. He has continually misjudged his resources and had access to nothing but bad data in the form of Melisandre. He had no access to the quality lead management system, and hence he had almost no allies or leads. The quality of data is extremely important when it comes to marketing automation.

Keep Your Team And Stakeholders Happy

RPA is not only about automating repetitive and routine tasks. You cannot achieve true automation without internal support from your team and stakeholders. Thus, make sure to open up about the solution and benefits it brings.

To make the internal support group happy, let us look a good example from Margaery Tyrell. She was well known for her ability to make people around her happy and persuade them to her interest.

Margaery achieves her goal by making allies to other people. For example, she builds a strong friendship with Sansa Stark that helps her with her objectives in the future. She always knows what to say or do to make other people happy and go along with her plans.

Likewise, when you try to convince your company to adopt RPA, do not force them to do so. Make them happy by talking about the bright side of the solution can offer them and how they can create more opportunities with it.

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