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Gemma Evans

Known best as a television presenter and journalist, Gemma Evans is Sky’s weekly technology show reporter. Moreover, she also worked for famous TV programs like Channel 5’s lunchtime and weekend TV news.

With her passion for health and technology, Evans founded a video and podcast series, interviewing pioneer and sometimes unconventional, figures in health and wellness called HealthHackers.

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  • Journalism
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Televesion


Gemma Evans was born in Roehampton. However, she grew up in New Malden which she finished her studies at Richmond College. She then pursed and completed her documentary film-making and then a journalism degree from London College of Communication.

After finishing her course, Evans decided to work for the ITV News Channel. Moreover, during this time, she also worked at local radio, gaining more expertise and knowledge as a reporter and producer.

Evans was a journalist for the Houston Chronicle newspaper after gradaution.

Milestones in life

  • Broadcast Journalist

After graduating London College of Communication, Evans work as a broadcast journalist at ITN radio and ITV News. Few years later, she was promoted as interactive producing at Sky News. She also, worked as a presenter for Sky Sports News and later on, Sky News TV channel.

  • FDM Everywoman Host

Even though her achievements are around Television News, Evans is a  strpong supporter of women’s initiatives which she hosted the FDM Everywoman in Technology Awards in 2016, 2017,and 2018.

Furthermore, Evans is involved with the Inspiring Leadership Trust and has hosted their key gala events since the charity launched.

  • Health Expert

During her free time, Gemma use it on researching health optimization through nutrition, exercise, biohacking. She also apply latest tech innovations in health.


Oriol Vinyals has not yet released any books or publication.

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” I read various books, was constantly listening to the latest health and biohacking podcasts, and contacted more and more great thinkers, speakers and authors in the fields of health and lifestyle who were making headlines with their own methods to help people build up their strength and feel well again”

” I’ve come to find there’s never one answer or one explanation that is right for everyone to achieve optimal health. I’m still wading through new ideas everyday.”