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Have You Heard Of ReactJS Application?

Have You Heard Of ReactJS Application? An increasing range of platforms and frameworks to test ReactJS software appears to be in existence.

I plan to test an application for ReactJS. And would like to know the best platform on the market to conduct end-to-end tests. Following some testing, I find that ReactJS apps have several options. But what is the best way to test it end-to-end?

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When it comes to automatic testing, there is no ideal “best tool.” Anything depends on the project sense and what the tool can do.

Platforms and framework for testing

I tried Angular and ReactJS and used Selenium WebDriver as an end-to-end test automation platform only. But an increasing range of platforms and frameworks to test ReactJS software appears to be in existence.

These tools appear very common with “front-end” developers. since they are familiar with JavaScript, based upon the language developers.

This means that testers can not only write automatic end-to-end checks. But developers can also assist if the time or resource is insufficient.
Below is a list of ReactJS program test automation tools and frameworks:

Tools for ReactJS test automation

WebdriverIO is a Node.js open-source tester. This allows you to write super fast selenium tests in your preferred BDD or TDD test system with Javascript.


Nightwatch.js is an easy-to-use End-to-End (E2E).Further, built on Node.js for websites and browser-based apps. The API for commands and assertions of DOM components uses the powerful W3C WebDriver API.


Nightmare is a Segment’s high-level automatic browser library.
It uses electron that is comparable, but about twice as fast and more advanced, to PhantomJS under the cover.

Niffy is a tool based on Nightmare that differs from one perception. It allows you to spot user interface updates and glitches via web app releases.

Daydream is a complimentary, Nightmare scripting plugin created by the @stevenmiller888.


Facebook uses jest to evaluate all code in JavaScript and React. One of the philosophies of Jest is to have an interconnected experience with “nil setup.” We found that if engineers have ready-to-use instruments. They would then write more experiments, which in turn lead to more reliable and safe coding bases. Often Jest parallels employee test runs to optimize results.


Although Jest is famous for automatic testing ReactJS applications among Facebook developers, it has a few problems (slow, mocking is confusing).

A common alternative has now become Mocha. The configuration is more painful but could be worth a look. I assume that in the future it will become more successful unless Jest overcomes any of the key problems. For a launch, see Testing Mocha Reaction Web Apps.


We could use Protractor for approval testing. It is mostly a Selenium angular tool and comes with an improved API. Thankfully, you should set it up to work with React. The good thing about this strategy is that you can compare your program with a wide range of browsers.


Enzyme is a JavaScript React test utility that facilitates the assertion. Besides, manipulation, and crossing of the outputs of the reacting components. Airbnb was originally developed and is becoming increasingly popular. You should do it for every runner of the test (mocha, jasmine,…) and the chai-enzyme plugin is useful.