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How To Increase Digital Adoption: A Complete Guide For Organizations

Are you one of those advancement-conscious wondering how to increase digital adoption? Well, you have just landed on the right page.

In this article, learn about the following:

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  • Why do you need an increase in digital adoption?
  • How can you increase digital adoption?

Assessing The Need To Increase Digital Adoption

Before increasing your organization’s digital adoption, first, consider how your system works. This should affect both your customers and your employees.

So, here are some of the most common signs that you need an increase in digital adoption. If upon assessment you see gaps, then you are heading to a good decision.

When employees display the following, you need to increase digital adoption:

  • Making use of the new digital tools makes them unproductive
  • Digital tools lower their productivity instead
  • Morale drop in employees
  • Employees are becoming more and more frustrated using the new tools
  • Poor return on investment as a result
  • The training process takes longer than expected, which also increases expenses

When customers display the following, you need to increase digital adoption:

  • Customers are becoming frustrated
  • Churn
  • Poor customer satisfaction even after implementing new digital tools

So, what if after assessment you see your organization fitting in every sign? Then, you may now rightly conclude that you need an increase in digital adoption. 

But, how can you do so?

How To Increase Digital Adoption In 7 Steps

1. Have A Clear Picture Of Success

The first step is to clearly paint the picture of success. So in this stage, define your goals and the steps that you need to take to achieve them.

Besides, avoid being too general. Instead, try to be more specific as possible.

2. Research & Collaborate

According to your goals, do your research. Also, it proves to be very helpful to consider what your users need.

Perhaps consider their feedbacks and see how you can address them. Also, don’t forget to collaborate with your team. They may see the matter in a different light. This can help you weigh the matter more rationally.

3. Develop A Plan

The next step is to develop a plan. 

When developing a plan, it is important to be realistic and practical as possible. Also, it is helpful to be specific even with the expected timeframe of achieving the said plan.

4. Develop Flexibility and Be Agile

Since digital adoption is an evolving field, make sure to create a plan that is flexible and agile.

5. Use Digital Adoption Platform

A digital adoption platform or DAP can help you avoid issues along the process. Not to mention that it can also improve the UX for your individual users.

DAP can shorten training time and reduces costs effectively. 

6. Make Use Of Adoption Influencers

Influence also makes a difference. So recruiting adoption influencers can also help you big time. Managers, leaders, and executives should take the lead. But it is your aim to spread the spirit of adoption all throughout the organization.

7. Make It Easier

Make digital adoption easy. You can do so by assessing barriers and complications that can make it harder for your users and employees.

When things go easier, adoption comes naturally and even fast.