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How to Know the Digital Adoption Rate?

How much far, digital adoption has come today? What is the rate statistic of digital adoption? These are the following questions that we will discuss. 

Knows Digital Adoption Rate

Modern technology has made a big impact on people’s life. So, let us look at the most essential adoption rate statistic.

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We need to look for a few statistics that relate to technology adoption in general like in the following:

  • Phone adoption
  • Social media adoption
  • Adoption of electronic devices

Here are some of the rate statistics for you to know in the following:

  • The United States has adopted the internet, it increases from 52 percent going to 90 percent
  • Cell phone usage has increased from 10 percent to 96 percent in just 30 years
  • Tabled adoption increase from 3 percent going to 64 percent
  • Smart color Television adoption has increased from 10 to 65 percent
  • Social media use from 5 percent, it increases to 72 percent
  • Americans have used social media for 3 percent in the year 2005, but now it increased to 50 percent

From this information, it will become more relevant if we look. On how emerging digital will roll out in the upcoming year.

Emerging Digital Statistics

We can compare the technologies we mention earlier. That has already had adoption going to emerging digital.

Here some full market penetration to achieve from the following:

  • In the year 2018 enterprise software as a service platform only account for 15 percent of total software expense. But this day it continues to grow around 32 percent per year.
  • It has 40 percent of businesses said that pandemic has to make their adoption in the cloud.
  • The Gartner company has predicted that 75 percent of all databases will be in the cloud for the upcoming year.
  • Around 88 percent of the enterprise using the cloud in one another.
  • A business plan has 25 percent, then it will move completely to the cloud within a year.
  • Has 47 percent of businesses had embed at least one artificial intelligence capability in their business. If we compare from the past year that has 20 percent.
  • In 2020 survey says that 85 percent of businesses were evaluating to use of artificial intelligence in their production.
  • The survey felt that 22 percent of the respondent are lack institutional support. In that is the biggest barrier to artificial intelligence adoption.

Quick Definition

What we mention about digital rate statics above is has incredible. How digital adoption has come that far? 

So, let us know what is digital adoption means. It is an achieving state, where users are gaining the ability to use digital tools. 

Which has intended and to be the fullest extend. It is taking a brand new user and helping them to become fully self-sufficient and fit.

Furthermore, when a user achieves the adoption, they not only learn the basic function of the given software. But also to maximize the potential advanced features to unlock innovation for new ideas and processes.

So, software adoption is a part only of the adoption process. It has a wider scope of adoption.