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Kofax RPA Software for Better Work

Kofax RPA is a kind of software that lets you get information. It can be used to help your employees work better, spend less money, and be more efficient. It’s way cheaper than other kinds of automation technology.

In every business, there is information that needs to be quickly accessed. But it is very difficult for your company because the information is scattered in different places like your internal system and outside sources like websites. You need to make sure that you find a way to bring together this information so you can act on it.

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When the IT department has a new need, it is hard to do and so they postpone it. The result is that manual work continues, and the inefficient operation stays the same.

The Kofax RPA Platform

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a way to make your work more efficient. You can create an intelligent digital workforce that will help you do your work. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) will make it so that people won’t have to do manual tasks. It will take care of them for you.

You might not need a person to do the task if an RPA could do it instead.
The Kofax RPA is a robot that can help you get information from many sources, including websites. It does not need coding or programming to do its work.

This RPA is different from other types of automation because it can bring together information and make sure it gets to the right people at the right time.

Kofax RPA lets you quickly build, deploy, and manage software robots that communicate with one another. This software can connect to inside systems and websites. It is easy to use and does not need complicated coding.

Companies can quickly get lots of data from many places. You can use websites and automate your front and back-office processes. You can use robots that are like you, but they do things too. This is about how the business will be more productive, efficient and make a profit quickly. It is because of technology that can be put in your company for free.

Kofax RPA Differentiators

Centralized Robot Deployment

Robots can be controlled and managed from a central computer. They talk to other programs on the computer or on the screen.
Kofax’s RPA Compute Units based licensing model lets you use as many robots as you want.

Kofax RPA Management Console

The Kofax RPA Management Console lets you know what is happening with the Kofax RPA. It tells you if there are problems. This software has things like Role-Based Administration. You can have control over integration projects and access rights to view integration results.

The Management Console controls the deployment of integration flows as REST and SOAP services. This web application lets you put in data from Excel, email, SQL or NoSQL databases. It means that you can use it with other Java or .NET applications and business intelligence tools.


In short, Kofax RPA is software that lets you bring together information. It puts information in its place where it belongs: on your screen, desktop, or mobile device. Kofax RPA manages all types of robots and does not need a developer to program them. Robots work wherever you want to put them so they can get the data from many sources.