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Let’s Explore Pega Platform RPA

Pega Platform RPA is a company that makes software. They make programs to help people with their businesses. The Pega software helps people who want to have a better business.

Pega helps people with their work. They do this by giving them real-time AI and intelligent automation. Since 1983, they have been building a scalable architecture and low-code platform to keep up with rapid changes in the world. With these solutions, people can save time which is really important because they need to get back to what matters

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Capabilities Pega Platform RPA

Automate intelligently

The Pega Platform RPA solution is here to bridge gaps and transform processes. It is not a manual process, it is an intelligent and automated one. Machines can do work faster and more accurately than people. Machines are a good way to save time and money.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate your old systems and connect them to each other. Be able to grow quickly too. With the Pega Platform RPA solution, you can reimagine business processes across a broad range of industries, including financial services, insurance, healthcare and retail.

Business Rules

You want to be able to improve employee performance and give customers a personalized experience. You can do this by using business rules. These are the “intelligence” that makes your process work well. They help you define and deliver an integrated experience across many channels and devices.

Pega Process AI

Pega Process AI is a tool that can help you make decisions. It uses deep learning and machine intelligence to help simplify your work.

Business benefits:

Process thousands of emails by using natural language processing. This will help improve average handle time and first call resolution. You can do this by mapping the process and optimizing it in real-time.

Hence, you can get new products or services to the market faster by quickly defining, testing and automating processes. You can also integrate legacy systems, even if they don’t have APIs.

Build quickly

Achieve incredible value fast

Low-code app development

With Pega, you can respond to business needs in real-time. You start fast and then you scale up with comprehensive management capabilities.

Case management

You can make more decisions if you combine robots and AI. You can tell the robot what to do and it will know.

Pega UX Design

Doing this will give you better business outcomes. You can use templates to make your app.

Business benefits:

You can improve the business by doing less work. This will make it easier for employees to do their jobs and they will be able to provide better service with minimal training or supervision.

You can build apps that are easy to use and help make the front end of your business.
Integrate and collaborate. Work together with different people to do things faster.

Scale with confidence

Stay in control of your future

Center-out business architecture

Our built-in approach puts the logic for your business in one place, so you can respond to customer needs and grow quickly.

Pega Process Fabric

You can get more done by using different apps. The employee experience will also improve.

Multi-experience applications

Quickly create beautiful web, mobile, and chat experiences with an open front-end architecture. You can control everything.

Business benefits:

Deliver the same things across all channels. Make sure that you are working with all the apps to make them work together so that there is a nice experience.
You can take important data from existing systems and not add complexity.