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Let’s Learn About Cucumber Automation Testing Tool

Cucumber Automation Testing Tool is a testing tool that supports Behavior Driven Development. You can write tests with it that anyone can understand, not just people who are technical.

In Behavior Driven Development, people write things called scenarios. These are like stories and they tell about what should happen when the program is run. The customers can review and sign off on these before developers write their code using a programming language called Ruby.

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BDD works in Cucumber Automation

You have been assigned to create the money transfer module in a banking application. This is the part of the app where people can send or receive money between accounts.

Ways to test in Cucumber Testing framework

1) Fund Transfer occurs when there is enough money in the account you are transferring from.
2) If the destination account details are correct, then it’s time to send money.
3) If you enter the transaction password and it is right, then you should transfer money.
4) Fund Transfer should take place even if it’s a Bank Holiday
5) Funds should be transferred on a future date that you set.

Test Scenario

We can make a lot of tests when we are doing this. We can play with many things. For example, how much money is transferred and for how long? If the total amount reaches what number, stop transferring?

Developers often make features and write code before they test the features. Developers will put off testing until they release the product, but then it will be too late and ineffective.

Cucumber BDD makes it easy for a developer to test. It helps with the testing process.

Giver-When-Then Steps

In BDD, you have to write in steps.

Given there is enough balance in the source account and destination a/c details entered are correct When the user initiates transfer action Then he should be able to see transaction status as ‘In Progress’ on his screen.

Once the transaction is done, update the Transaction ID with the actual value in the system. If any steps fail, get a message that tells you that.

The steps in the ‘Given-When-Then’ template are written in a language called Gherkin. The Cucumber framework understands this language. It can execute your tests by clicking through your application, interacting with its user interface controls, and checking for all of your assertions or expectations. This means that you don’t need to do any more.

What Cucumber Framework offers?

Plug-in Architecture for custom extensions that are based on the Behavior Driven Development framework. They can use Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery support through Jenkins, which is an open-source automation server. Selenium WebDriver is a tool that lets you automate the browser.

It works with Cucumber-JVM, which has a language called Gherkin. You can use this to write scripts and then use them to test your website. Selenium WebDriver is good for some people who are not very good at programming.

Advantages of Cucumber

It is helpful to involve business stakeholders who cannot read code so that they can help make decisions about the tests. The Cucumber Testing tool is focused on the end user’s experience. They are written in a way that makes it easy to reuse parts of the code in other tests.

It is quick and easy to set up the cucumber test tool. It is a good way to test.