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Let’s Look Into Eggplant Test Tool for Automation

Eggplant Test Tool for Automation is a way to test and debug software. It is for developers and testers. They use it to create, schedule and execute tests on mobile platforms.

Hence, the eggPlant Functional testing tool is a way of checking the functionality of an app. You can set up automated tests and protocols and then focus on how the app works.

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Further, EggPlant is a type of app testing tool. It does not go into the app’s interface, but it uses image analysis technology to test and confirm the functionality based on what you see on screen as you use the app. It is part of a suite of tools that support automation for testing apps.

What is the eggPlant test tool for?

When you are developing an app, sometimes it doesn’t work on all devices. The eggPlant testing tool allows people to make sure that the app is working on different devices with different operating systems. You can use one or more scripts to set up tests for your app when they have been developed in many languages.

So, you can use this tool on Linux, macOS X and Windows. It also integrates with application lifecycle management software including HPE Quality Center, IBM Rational Quality Manager and Jenkins.

How does the eggPlant support testing?

This software uses two systems. The first one is the machine or device where you install and run the eggPlant testing tool. The second system is the system that you want to test, which can be a desktop machine, virtual machine or mobile device.

Besides, Eggplant Functional uses a virtual connection to connect the two different systems. Once the connection is made, users can then control and interact with the SUT (System Under Test). Users capture images of objects they want Eggplant Functional to test in its Viewer window.

So, once you have finalized the image, you can make a script. This script tells the tool what to do in that place on the SUT. The script can be used as many times as necessary to test things on different devices and operating systems.

Both scripts and images can be managed from the suite window. The application testing tool has a schedule that lets you automate the order of all the different scripts.

The computer can only have one script running at a time. This means that you can have different scripts directed to different devices and operating systems. You can see what is being done with the script on the Run window.

Who benefits most from Eggplant?

This tool is good for people who want to develop one or more complicated apps, and it can be used by one or more development and testing teams. It comes with flexible licensing options.

How is the eggPlant testing tool licensed?

There are two versions of eggPlant. One is called eggPlant Functional Development and the other is called eggPlant Functional Execution. The first one has tools for creating scripts, running them, and debugging them. The second only run scripts but does not have tools for making them or fixing them when they have problems.

Both only allow one user to use it at a time, but there are team licenses. You can buy one for each person. Talk to the company about pricing and subscriptions.

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