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Let’s Look Into India’s RPA Companies

Let’s Look Into India’s RPA Companies. Robotics was a tool for enterprise automation. Many of India’s leading robotics firms provide robotic techs and consultancy services to sectors.

In the Indian automation industry, robotics has brought considerable change. For manufacturing, industrial robots were required. Thus, many firms use robotics to simplify their business operations. Which would help them in the long term.

Below is the list of India’s leading robotics businesses.


A global firm that uses mobile robots. For the automation of warehouse operations with AI.

AI-driven GreyMatterTM + smart Ranger robots have a unique approach. So, they can do drive in-depth data, complex decisions, and demand-driven execution. Thanks to the GrayOrange Fulfillment Operating System.

Furthermore, GreyOrange offers tech that supports warehouse workforce workers. Besides, it is an international corporation in designing, producing, and deploying integrated robotics systems.

Kuka Robotics

Specialized in the supply of the best robotic factory automation. Kuka has always been vital to automate the process. And they have provided the industry with the latest robotics solutions. KUKA is an automated robotic and factory systems maker in Germany.

Moreover, it’s the world’s leading provider of industrial robotics. They have core skills for industrial robots, controls and software creation, manufacturing, and sales.

KUKA Robotics has about 4000 employees around the world. And also, over EUR 993 million in 2016 is in revenue. In the main markets of Europe, America, and Asia, more than 30 worldwide branches are present.

India Fanuc

Fanuc India’s key goal was to provide high-quality automation solutions to the Indian industry. With the lowest total cost of ownership engineering assistance.

Moreover, they provide businesses with the latest factory automation and solution. So, companies that want to simplify manufacturing processes… Fanuc has always helped.


Works specifically for AI and computer vision in the field of robotics. The key motto of Gridbots is to improve and build high-performance devices. For the identification of defects, calculation of dimensions, and sort apps.

So, we help our customers meet automated factory targets. Moreover, in a time-limited manner with our machine vision and robotic solutions.

PARI: India’s RPA Companies

The state-of-the-art device designs and builds. In their automated control systems and robotics, they use cutting-edge technology.

Besides, PARI is one of the world’s leading firms in automation. Also, PARI is a complete provider of robotic solutions with its strong engineering strength. Plan, develop, install and support advanced automation in the factory. It offers its customers the tools necessary for improving and achieving production objectives.

ASIMOV Robotics

They headquartered the startup in Kerala. For all functions of RPA, ASIMOV supplies the approach and resources.

Further, the strengths of ASIMOV Robotics have been to provide engineering products and services. Hence, in fields such as robotic modeling and monitoring, computer viewing, testing augmented reality, and navigation.

Robotics DiFACTO

This specializes in supplying with the aid of industrial robotics the best industrial automation technologies and solutions. So, DiFACTO trusts in the full spectrum of robotic applications offered to its customers under one roof. Hence, Automotive BIW Weld lines, Arc welding lines, and cells are used in this solution. Machine tendering, sealing, foundry, plastic cutting, and other big industrial applications of robot-based systems.