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Looking Into RPA Blue Prism

RPA Blue Prism is a tool that helps businesses automate their work with software robots. This helps them be agile and cost-effective.

The tool is a kind of computer program. It was made in Java and it lets you drag things around on the screen.

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This tool is different from the other tools in the market. It has a Top-Down approach. Also, it offers a visual designer that does not need any recording, scripts or intervention.

What is RPA?

Robotic process automation is when robots do work, without any people. This reduces the number of people who need to do this work. Robots help us use our time better and get more of the good things done.

So, Robotic Process Automation does not involve robots. It is the software that is helping you automate your tasks.

Features of Blue Prism

Looking into the features of RPA Blue Prism.

Secure & Accurate

There is no limit to the number of processes that this tool can do. It is very accurate and safe.


It is a program that has features like balancing loads, encrypting data, and doing end-to-end auditing. It keeps track of every change and who makes it.

Scalable & Resilient

It is good because it can be made in a way that everything can be controlled by one person. If something needs to be done, it can happen and then that person knows about it.

Non-stop Workforce

The tool is designed to work without you watching it. It will make smart decisions.


This extension lets you configure Dashboards so that the session information will go to monitoring systems.

Data Security and Data Abstraction

This tool is designed to work without you. It takes care of everything and stores the data in a safe place.

Cloud support

This software provides working capacity support for businesses. You can create workers on demand and then manage them centrally.

Execution Intelligence

When a robot connects to systems, it reacts in different ways. It depends on the data it gets from the environment.
Now, I am going to tell you what the main parts of Blue Prism are.

Parts of RPA Blue Prism

Process Diagram

Process diagrams are used to show the workflows of a business. They are based on software and they use core programming concepts to create operational process flows like flow charts. The diagram is basically a graphical representation of how the company should work.

Process Studio

In Process Studio, you create a diagram for each task. There are many types of tasks and some of them have loops. You can set variables for the tasks to show how much is left in the loop.

Object Studio

Almost all businesses need to communicate with other applications. They need it to automate tasks, but this can’t happen in Process Studio. You have to use Object Studio, which is an area where you create Visual Business Objects (VBO). These things are just like diagrams that interact with other programs. The program does something.

One Business Object can only talk to one other application. You do not need the main page. But each object studio has two default pages that are organized like a flat group.

Application Modeller

Blue Prism can create applications with the help of an Application Modeller. This is a feature that exposes the UI Elements of an app to Blue Prism programs.