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Meet ARGOS Low Code RPA

ARGOS Low Code RPA ​is a company that was made in 2017 in San Jose, California. It has 3 founders: Young Sik Kim, Woojin Shin, and Shige Sato. They started working together in 2010. Then they made an Online Service Monitoring automation system which gained popularity among top tier customers

This software lets you use automation (or Low-code/RPA) to do what you want. You don’t need to write the code for it. Hence, this was a key strength of our system and later became the core technology of ARGOS LABS. As demand for this type of software grew, we started ARGOS LAB.

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The Components of ARGOS Low-code/RPA

STU is a company that helps people make robots.


ARGOS STU is a development tool for automating business process scenarios. This will help you do your work faster.

Builds automation for both PC and mobile. It has 200 tools and many more private tools for Smart Process Automation. Moreover, the program does not need any programming skills (Play & Rec). Also, there is Intelligent Automation that integrates with leading AI/ML/OCR engines.


PAM is the runner agent in automation.
ARGOS PAM is the program that runs on your computer or mobile and does what it needs to do.

Multi-Platform – PAM runs on Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS devices. It interacts with all Target applications.

PAM can be used with people or without people. It is good for high volumes. Furthermore, it is inexpensive and can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ARGOS Supervisor

AGROS Supervisor is the central management and monitoring program.
So, ARGOS Supervisor is a bot management dashboard. You can schedule, control, and monitor bots with it.

This bot knows the status of other bots. Also, it can tell you if a bot is working well and how many times the bot has been used.

Moreover, ARGOS Supervisor is free. It can be hosted on the cloud or on your own premises.


POT SDK is a collection of tools that let you create and manage your own plugins.

Python is everywhere. Python can now be used in ARGOS productions. This is called POT, which stands for “Python to Operations Tool”. The power of Python is now on ARGOS.

So, with the ARGOS POT SDK, you can now make custom plug-ins with Python and other AI/ML.

Python analytics modules can be used to get information.

further, you can make a plug-in and then use it in a business application. Plug-ins that other people have made can also be reused.

Why choose ARGOS Low-code/RPA

Advanced low-code is fast to learn, build, test, deploy and manage. It is both easy and quick.

Open oriented means that it is open and you can do anything. POT-SDK is a platform and it uses Python which is an ecosystem. So, this platform allows you to build a plugin, but you need to follow step-by-step tutorials first.

Front-end: The part of the bot that is in front of the user.
The bot can be designed to run on any device with basic requirements.
Back-end: The part of the bot that is behind the scenes, running in a server or backend.

Unattended: When no one is managing it.
Bots can run on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and macOS.

This is a good license scheme for people who want to start their own business. You can buy one package and one license scheme.

Hence, this means that this robot is built to do all the things that robots do, and it can be done in-house. This is good because it will reduce your need for expensive services from other people.