Automation RPA Tools

Open-Source Robotic Process Automation Free Tools Example

Searching through a plethora of right robotic process automation free tools example available today can be both daunting and time-consuming. Perhaps you can find some, but of course, long hours of deep research are needed.

Usually, today’s most popular RPA tools provide more than what’s necessary for non-enterprise entities. For instance, it may include more advanced functionality that is only for tech-savvy users. 

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On the other hand, there are free and open-source RPA tools. These tools are from vendors looking to sell you their enterprise products. While others are by a community of developers. Perhaps to make RPA more accessible for anyone.

So in this article, we will be listing some open source, not to mention free, RPA tools. 

What Can You Expect from Free RPA Tools?

Many RPA vendors are offering their commercial RPA software versions for free. Mostly, these are cute versions of the enterprise versions. So you can expect some advanced features to be not included. Perhaps only offering some basic functions of the RPA technology. 

What is an Open Source RPA?

On the other hand, a customizable RPA version is an open-source RPA tool. Open source RPA software has a source code that can be inspected, modified, and enhanced by its user.

So if you are an entity with a specific legacy mission, considering an open-source RPA software can be a good choice. These software tools are mostly publicly accessible and commonly managed.

Open-Source Robotic Process Automation Free Tools Example

The following are open-source RPA free tools. Not to mention these tools offer full features with an expansive list of capabilities.

However, also take note, some of the open-source tools need some development skills. Perhaps making it less ideal for your use case. So make sure to read carefully through each tool’s FAQ. Aim to know how much coding is necessary, for instance.

1. Another Monday

Another Monday offers RPA capabilities as follows, for instance:

  • AM Muse tool can offer you automatic process analysis. Also, the analysis can be sent to their drag-and-drop implementation interface, AM Composer.
  • For efficiency and scalability, Another Monday can offer you their split and pull architecture.
  • AM Console also lets its users have a centralized administration for easy management.
  • Another Monday also offers quick scaling and automatic documentation. Not to mention its easy drag-and-drop workflow configuration.

2. Automai

For codeless business processes automation, Automai RPA can do the job for you. It has its scenario builder through its user recorder and actions, for instance.

Moreover, Automai can serve as a centralized platform for a whole organization’s automation needs. Which also includes both development and operations departments, for instance.

3. Automation Anywhere

Doing RPA with more conventional capabilities is what Automation Anywhere (AA) can offer. It has features such as language understanding and reading unstructured data, for instance. 

Thus, making this tool an ideal intelligent automation tool for business and IT operations. It also makes use of SMART automation technology. So it is capable of automating more complex tasks and processes. 

There is no such thing as a perfect tool. But in every successful RPA implementation, a data-driven and strategic approach work best. So better read thoroughly and implement carefully at all times.