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Pierre Col

Pierre Col is an internet expert from France. In the late 80s, he started to join online marketing with Minitel services and technologies.

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  • Marketing Strategy
  • Cooperate Communication
  • Mobile Device


In 1986, Pierre Col graduated from ENSEEIHT in the field of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Grade Engineer. Also, prior to that, he also studied in the field of Sciences Grade Classes Préparatoires Math Sup Et Spé from Lycée Champollion.

Milestones in life

  • SAP’s Head of Marketing for Intelligent RPA

Pierre Col became the Head of Marketing for Intelligent RPA for SAP in 2018. His responsible include managing and marketing the company’s software solution for Intelligent Robotic Process Automation.

  • Contextor

Prior to becoming the Head of Marketing for Intelligent RPA for SAP, Pierre was the Chief Marketing Officer and fr Marketing Communication Director for Contextor.


Pierre Col  has not released any books or publication yet.

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“The Contextor RPA solution goes even further. It greatly simplifies the implementation of new APIs, which form a new way to access all available data in one of the silos of the information system.”

“RPA will bring back some processes that previously had been handed over to the workforce of emerging countries. Major call centers that went to India, Morocco, and Vietnam will have a labor problem to be solved. As with any industrial revolution, business changes. They will have to move along to offer other services.”

“Customer advisors are now assisted by Contextor robots: these software bots automatically retrieve all the information giving the context of the client who is on the phone, launch the business data analysis engine and immediately present the response to the advisor.”

Similarly, Robotic Process Automation makes available to all tertiary workers a set of robots that will ease their workload by allowing them to devote more time to tasks that leverage their intelligence and sense of human relationship.