Digital Transformation

PwC Digital Transformation

How is the PwC digital transformation seeing like these days? And what works are they doing to make their journey a success?

PwC is centering on three fields in doing its digital transformation or Dx. Its market, buyers, and areas.

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So, how are their works paying off today? Read on to know more items.

PwC Digital Transformation

The firm is doing a lot of big Dx works without forgetting its skills. And this is a very good model for those who want to do a Dx.

Why so? Because PwC is getting a set of perks in upskilling their works. They are now growing better and are now tech and analytics savvy.

Then, they are automating standard jobs with the help of AI and analytics. Also, looking for many other ways to use these in reports and their other services.

So, what are the other works they are doing in their Dx?

PwC Digital Transformation Efforts


As said, PwC did not overlook their skills when doing a Dx. So, their main center is to upskill these abilities that are important to the company’s profit.

Thus, they spent a whopping total of $3 billion in its upskilling exercises. Like for the tools required, training, and techs.

Also, the biggest part of this business is to upskill a total of 55,000 workers. With the focus on:

  • digital awareness
  • understanding data
  • analytics
  • visualization

What was the outcome? PwC saw great returns in:

  • Maintenance rate. It grew higher for those who went through their digital accelerator business. It due to the business showing them they are vital and they are spending in them.
  • Productivity. Automating methods and AI saved a lot of their employee’s experience. Thus, giving them more time to use in more important areas.
  • Growth. Automation does not mean fewer places. It only means more time for growth as their workers’ skillset increases.


As said, PwC is making full use of automation to help up methods. And they do robotic process automation to:

  • scan receipts
  • notice data
  • get reports

Then, they make use of centralized workflow tools. This is to organize their job points from the audit process, planning, to working.

Also, PwC has a plan that they call This seems out for their group to increase cash progress. Then, find any problems first on.

Digital Assistants

With the help of a third-party, PwC made an internal digital assistant named Astro.

The value of this is to increase their workers with back-office tasks. And also help them with the company’s over 1,600 steps.

Then, workers can reach Astro via talk, text, or touch. Helping operators in:

  • checking email
  • checking calendar
  • finding worker ID
  • checking employee benefits
  • other jobs

But that is not all. Astro gives them smart notifications on metrics, coaching, and more. Thus, making PwC workers’ jobs a lot easier and keeps them a lot of time.

So what can we get from PwC?

Never forget about the importance of workers. Easing up their workload means better potency. Meaning, happier clients. Do you agree?