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RPA Latest News: UiPath Offers Free Path To Career Opportunities

UiPath, a leading RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) company, offers a free path to automation career opportunities. The company has built a training academy which anyone can enroll and complete their training without spending a dime.

The Demand of RPA Workforce

With the rise of RPA and AI implementation, leaders and companies found themselves need for the more automation-related workforce. Employees, on the other hand, has to feel threatened on these new technologies, fearing that it will steal their jobs.

Fortunately, UiPath has foreseen these issues and decided to open up a free automation training academy. It helps people develop a skill like a business analyst and RPA developers.

UiPath Offers Free Path To Career Opportunities

In 2005, Daniel Dines, Chief Executive Officer of UiPath, and Marius Tirca, Chief Technology Officer, founded UiPath. They created this company to offer RPA services for customers.

Last year around September, UiPath acquired a total of $225 million. The Series C investment round has tripled up to $3 billion recently.

Forbes Cloud 100 List ranked UiPath as number 14, recognizing for its excellent software services that help customers with RPA implementation to entrust labor task to bots.

UiPath is currently offering free training to anyone who wants to acquire automation-related skills. The company did this to promote its overall mission which is to have a future where every human worker has bots or robots that take over their repetitive labor tasks.

 In the present, top companies like LG, Roboyo, the BMW Group, Tarmac, and many more are using this company service. UiPath’s director of public sector marketing, Jim Walker, claimed that everyone should know automation and can step into its field. He also added that it does not matter if you have a traditional four-year degree or not, everyone must have those skills.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Definition

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technology that uses either computer software or Robot to stock up, construe, and manipulate data for large-scale labor purposes. It helps the company with its labor requirements and reduces huge cost.
Huge volumes of labor need a large amount of transaction. RPA software helps with this area, cutting down on cost and time necessities. Furthermore, it boosts the company’s production and conversion.
If you happen to have a precise goal for your company, RPA helps you to achieve it. This is because this method not only offers the services industry with a practical workforce, it also a part of human-computer technology. In other words, you can easily design it to automate your company the way you want it to be.

Benefits of RPA

•    Better Compliance

The data of sources and logs are hard to deal with. However, RPA removes the gaps between it. With this, it helps your workers to have better insight and more time in managing your company’s compliance issue.

•    Better Management

You might already know how valuable is a centralized management platform for your company. This is because it allows you remotely control, monitor, schedule and even execute some projects. Sounds perfect, isn’t it?

With RPA, the centralized management platform is not out of reach. Thus, this approach gives you a better management operation, increasing your productivity and sales.

•    Better customer experience

When you implemented RPA in your company, your high-valuable asset does not have to be burden with the repetitive at the back of the desk anymore. RPAtakes it away.

Now, they can use their real skills that they were hired to focus more on giving better customer service at the front desk.

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