RPA Tool Comparison: Rockwell Automation Vs. Foxtrot

Whether it is a tool like Rockwell Automation or Foxtrot, these tools can bring significant change in your automation journey. Here’s the reason why.

What Is Rockwell Automation?

If you are looking for an RPA tool that offers advanced technology then Rockwell Automation is the one you are looking for. Moreover, this company has customers over 80 countries around the world while having over 22,000 workers.

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Rockwell Automation Highlight

•    Productivity

If you want to elevate of your company into the next level you should focus more on the productivity of your business. With Rockwell Automation, it gives better management and completion of your products better than ever before. Moreover, it can easily integrate with other applications.

•    Operational Intelligence

Making a decision is an easy thing to do but making the right one is a different one. Rockwell Automation can give more accurate information that helps you to come up with better decisions and a solution for your company. Also, it does not only help you but empower your team in decision making.

Rockwell Automation another feature called Operational Intelligence is what separates this tool from the ordinary one. It enables you to diagnose your own issues and solve underly problems that surrounds your company.

•    Advanced Process Control

Control the process automation can never be more easy with Rockwell Automation Advanced Process Control. This feature allows you to control and predict the data in any scability.

Pricing Plans

Rockwell Automation does not offer any free trial. Also, when it comes to other plans like a quote-based plan, you need to contact the vendor.

What Is Foxtrot?

If you are looking for an RPA tool that can automate repetitive tasks right away, then Foxtrot is the one you are looking for. Created by EnableSoft, this tool can take the data entry that you are tired of, automate it while improving its quality.

The best of this tool is that you do not need to learn encoding at all. Foxtrot allows you to experience the automation journey without the need of encoding, saving you more time and efforts.

Foxtrot Highlighted Benefits

•    Robust Library

The Robust Library, another Foxtrot feature, enables you to automate repetitive tasks effortlessly. Moreover, complex tasks like gathering information, controlling data, and many other can be automated by this tool.

•    Increase Operational Efficiencies

Human force is not perfect and you know it. There will be times that upcoming tasks cannot be finished by your human workers. However, Foxtrot can solve this issue. It can automate those assignments while improving the quality and efficiency.

•    Improved Workforce Management

Managing your company is enough headache let alone managing these robots and bots. With Foxtrot, you can monitor both of the digital workforce and human force, viewing what are they doing from time to time.

•    Scale Up Automation Organization

When you have upcoming projects and you want it to be complete as soon as possible, Foxtrot got covered. With its 24/7 bots that will not stop working until the task is finished and unlimited numbers of bots that it can deploy, you can be assured the project will be completed in lesser time.

Pricing Plans

Foxtrot is offering Free Demo for you to try. But for other plans, you need to contact the vendor.