Shazam! Vs. Automation: Every Lesson From Shazam Is Essential For RPA; Spoiler Alert!

DC latest comedy/superhero movie, “Shazam”, has the not only give the world a huge smile that they needed but also deep lessons for any age to learn. When looking at the implementation of RPA or Robotic Process Automation, leaders and companies can use those values to improve their automation journey.

In this post, we present you every lesson in the movie that can be used to developed and improve your automation process.

Lesson #1: Are You Being A “Zany” ?

Zany is a rare word that means a purposely act to impress others by making buffoon actions. In other words, a zany person is like a clown that trying his/her best to make other people happy even if his/her actions are silly and idiosyncratic. 

In Shazam!, it has villain character name Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, played by Mark Strong. When he was younger, the Wizard Shazam summoned him to be tested if he is worthy for being the new champion, possessing superpowers like magic lighting, super speed, super strength, to name a few, or not.  

However, Sivana failed during the test to become the new champion, responsible for defending the world from embodiments of the Seven Deadly Sins, as the heart is filled with envy.  Because of that experience, he was motivated to seek his own magic and power.

As for the main hero, 14-year-old Philadelphia orphan named Billy Batson has a good heart but he has his own problem of searching for a place where he truly belongs. Is his early age, he lost his mother in one incident that makes him shut his heart from another person who truly loves him and continue to find his mother.

Although Billy was found worthy to become the new champion, he still has a lot learn and overcome his zany personality.

When we relate it to RPA, some companies and leaders implement RPA just to impress others. Because of this kind of action, they do not know the true potential and benefits they can gain from the solution, and when they failed, they gave a bad reputation for this solution.

Both Billy and Sivana are doing their best to impress others, to a mother that does not care about him and to a Wizard that makes a hasty judgment. Applying RPA is not about making others amused, but about improving your business to best it can be.

Lesson #2: Do You Know How To Be a Real Hero?

During the plot, Billy, played by Zachary Levi, received the incredible power of Shazam. However, even he has all the powers, he still struggles with his identity, ignoring people that care about him.

Fortunately, Billy finally learns what it takes to be a hero, protecting other people especially his foster family, and stop caring about only himself.

In RPA, you just cannot select the solution based on what you hear or read about them. Make sure to understand the reason why your company needs automation and make a clear plan to do it.

Lesson #3: Every Word Matters

To access his power, Billy must say the word Shazam. If he cannot say the word, he will be just a normal teenage boy, which he almost got killed because he cannot properly say it in one incident.

Implementing RPA in your company without saying any words to your team, HR, and stakeholders is like setting up for failure. Internal support him the key to a successful implementation. Thus, make sure to say the right words, guide them to see how they can benefit from it.

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