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Top Automation Questions For Your Interview

Congratulations, you have reached the final stage – the interview. Your answer to these automation questions will decide the success of your interview.  Indeed, being a software engineer or automation testing engineer is well-rewarding. Furthermore, the demand to fill in these positions are great thanks to robotic process automation (RPA). Many companies look for professionals […]


Why Automation Testing Is Better Than Manual Testing?

Why Automation Testing is better than Manual Testing? Well, the biggest contrast between manual and automation testing is who performs the test case. To some, manual testing is what they prefer. But, read the explanation below why Automation Testing is better than Manual Testing. First, let’s define each briefly and how it works. What Is […]


What Is Automation Testing?

So we will learn about what is automation testing? We will also, consider the manual testing in the later part. Introduction About The: What Is Automation Testing? So we are aware of the two different types of testing for the software. These are the manual testing where the needs of human supervision are important. The […]