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The Vital Role of Protractor Testing Tool

Protractor Testing Tool is not only to test AngularJS applications. But also to write automated web server regression tests.

What is Protractor testing?

Protractor is a pattern-based research platform. Hence, plays a key role in testing AngularJS apps. And acts as a solution integrator that combines strong technology such as Selenium, Jasmine, Web drivers, and so forth.

The aim of Protractor Testing is not only to test AngularJS applications. but also to write automated web server regression tests.

Why do we need a Protractor framework?

In a virtual web application, JavaScript is useful. JavaScript increases size and complexity as the apps expand. In such a situation, testing the web framework for different situations becomes a challenging job for testers.

It is also difficult to grab web elements with JUnit or Selenium WebDriver in AngularJS apps.

Protractor is a Node JS software. Hence, written in JavaScript and runs with Node to define the website pages in AngularJS apps.

What’s an AngularJS app?

AngularJS apps are Software using expanded HTML syntax to express components of a Web application. It is useful for interactive web applications. In comparison with standard web apps, these use lower and modular programming.

So, why don’t we use the normal Selenium web driver to locate Angular JS web elements?

Angular JS apps have certain extra HTML attributes. Sad to say, we do not use them in the selenium locator. Such as ng-repeater, ng-controller, ng-model. Because Selenium cannot distinguish web items with Selenium code. But, Protractor can manage these traits and handle them in web applications, on top of Selenium.

The protractor is a final test set for software built on Angular JS. While most frameworks focus on running angular JS experiments, Protractor is on evaluating an application’s actual features.

But, we need to install the following before we launch Protractor: Selenium and NPM (Node.js)

Installation of Protractor

(1) Open the “npm update –g protractor” command prompt and type it, and press Enter.

Download the necessary files and install Protractor on client device with the above instruction.

(2) See the “Protractor —version” installation and version. When good, it will show the version as in the screenshot below. Otherwise, retake stage 1.

(3) Update the manager of the web engine. For, testing against the angular web framework in a particular browser the web driver manager may also be used. The site driver manager has to be upgraded to the new version until it installed Protractor. We can achieve this with the command prompt running the following command.

Protractor Testing Tool installation continued

(4) Launch the manager of the Web engine. This move runs the web driver manager in the background and listens to all tests running via the protractor.

Once Protractor is used for every application, the web driver loads and runs the test automatically in the respective browser. We must execute the following instruction from the command prompt to start the web driver manager.

Checking AngularJS with Protractor

Protractor has two running scripts.

File Settings: this file allows to protract the placement of the text files. And the node for Selenium. Chrome is Protractor’s default browser.
File spec: This file includes the application’s logic and locators.

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