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Tools To Automate Linux Admin Task

Tools To Automate Linux Admin Task. In this section, some of the tools enable Linux admin to make life easier by automating everyday work.


An open-source tool for device managers intended to simplify automation and monitoring. It is a platform for structure control that supports networking servers and other systems.

Server managers typically waste a lot of time completing the same job over and over again every day. You still tried to simplify these activities. So that you could spend more time on other goals or explore new ideas.

Thus, tasks can be simplified by writing scripts. But scripts are not practical in organizations with a wider network. Here, as with the aid of Puppet, comes to the rescue.


Crafted by Ruby and Erlang. This allows you to set up and manage the servers of the business in a great way regardless of whether you have 10 or 100 servers. So, it will also help you integrate the servers with Amazon EC2, OpenStack, RackSpace, or Google Cloud.

Chef allows you to efficiently handle your servers by converting your resources into code. So that 2 lines of code can be easily removed from your server.

Furthermore, physical coding ensures that any change you make to the code can be checked. That’s before you deploy updates to output and easily version it.


Another leading framework for automation. Further, can help you easily automate and manage the whole infrastructure. Once you have identified the CFEngine structures of your network systems, CF Engine auto-conforms it.

Of course you can upgrade or change any node. Or all nodes in seconds if you have 10 or 100 nodes in your network. Many Linux system admin favor CFEngine. Because of its low running costs, quick response time and self-healing.


Red Hat tools for open-source setup and IT business automation. The programming language is easy. Thus, allow system admin to efficiently manage the automation and configuration process.

They made Ansible up of a computer controller and machine-controlled nodes. SSH verifies the nodes.

One of Ansible’s key features is that node agents are only SSH is used for communication. Other features include a low learning curve, stability, high reliability, and security.

Yet, Ansible’s only drawback is that it is not workable to supply naked metal and computer machines.

Foreman: Automate Linux Admin Task

A brilliant open source platform to configure and deliver. In order to get baked metal and virtual devices Foreman offers a dashboard. By design, Puppet is used as a setup tool any time we install Foreman.

Although Foreman promotes the integration of management tools such as Chef, Puppet, Salt, and Ansible. So, with the aid of plugins, other methods. There are also different interfaces to the Foreman automation function. And a GUI for a command line, network front end, and a REST API.

The Katello

Another automation platform for open sources. In other words, Katello is the Red Hat satellite server’s open-source clone. Instead of Red Hat Satellite Server, it can be used when we don’t want to spend in and fund the business product.

Katello was obtained by Foreman. Besides, Katello still supports much of the functions found in it.

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