Top 3 Captain Marvel Life Lessons That Needs In RPA

The sensational superhero movie, “Captain Marvel”, has change people view on how true hero looks like. The plot inspires us to be the best version of themselves, which an excellent point RPA market needs right now.

In this post, we gather top three life lessons from Captain Marvel that you could use in implementation RPA solution into your business flow.

Lesson#1: Emotion Can Be Your Strongest Asset

We all know our culture’s today does not care about your feelings, criticizing emotions as weakness. Moreover, leaders expected to have a strong judgment and never let anyone see them when they are vulnerable.  

However, Brene Brown once said that vulnerability takes courage and strength.

In the movie, an agent from S.H.I.E.L.D, Coulson, did not follow his order and let Fury go. After escaping from that building, Fury explained it to Carol aka. Captain Marvel that what Coulson did, following his emotion as he feels that was the right thing to do, is what makes them human.

When we look at RPA implementation, there are countless cases when leaders or business owners forget that they are humans too, applying the technology without consideration for workers who might lose their job.

With strong emotion for what is good, you can make more jobs for your workers with RPA, transforming your company to a real digital transformation one. Thus, emotions are not weakness all the time rather, it can be your strength.

Lesson#2:  To Be The Best, You Must Know Who You Are

One scene in a movie shows that Yon-Rogg tells Carol that he wants to help her to be the best version of herself. Sadly, we found out later, spoiler alert, that he lied to her about helping Captain Marvel to become better rather control her.

Also, Yon did everything he could to prevent Carol from finding the truth about who she really is, controlling both of her actions and emotions. He just wants her to be what he wanted Captain Marvel to be.

Happily, Carol found out later who she really is and able to accesses to her real power, becoming who she really meant to be, a hero.

To relate it into RPA implementation, it helps you to ask yourselves questions like, why my company needs RPA? What are my company’s strength and weaknesses? What are the strength and weakness of this solution?

Without having proper answers to these questions, you might just set yourselves to failure. Thus, make sure to know what your company really is, and improves it with RPA later.

Lesson#3 Surround Yourself With True Friends Who Can Remind What Your Company Stands For

There is the touching scene when Captain Marvel admitted to Talos that she does not know who she is, however, her best friend, Maria, steps in and tell her a powerful speech of who she really is. Maria simply tells Carol what she used to be which remind her of what she is.

Applying RPA in your company can be hard. Without strong support from your team, different department, stakeholders, etc, it is impossible to do so. Hence, make sure that you surround yourselves with people who have the same vision as you.