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Top 4 Automation Business Ideas To Save Time & Money

Discover how much these automation business ideas can surge time and cost efficiency in your business.

Top 4 Automation Business Ideas

How can you benefit from automation in your business? 

True, automation can dramatically generate better sales and productivity. But there are specific key areas where it can be especially impactful.

So here are the top 4 key areas where automation can greatly impact one’s business, and how it works.

1. Hiring Process

Can you think of a better way to speed up and simplify employee onboarding?

Well, hiring competent employees may sound basic but this a multi-stage process. For example, hiring can start with a job post. Or it can also start with a recruitment stage. And it usually ends the process when employees are fully onboarded.

Do you know that the process can be simplified and less time-consuming?

An HRMS or Human Resources Management System tool is a valuable tool for the overall hiring process. For instance, it can do the following:

  • automate the candidate management process
  • Reduce the work of making offers
  • Using equipment to set them up
  • Automate the help they need to know how to access systems according to their job position

With what results?

Making use of HRMS can do more than just streamline the hiring process. But it can also revamp the image of your organization. Thus, it can help you better attract competent candidates.

2. Employee Analytics

The same goes with automation over employee analytics. 

Automation technology has opened the use of HR tools. These tools can, for example, help you pinpoint specific employee problems through analytics. 

For example, these tools can:

With what results?

Data and employee analytics can better help in making improved hiring decisions in the future.

3. File Transmission

File transfers or transmission is a basic but also a challenging task. Today, we have a lot of options. Some are even free even with limited storage. We have Google Drive, One Drive, and DropBox, for instance.

However, not all of this can live up to our expectations. We are not merely transferring personal files, but corporate data.

So how can business automation help?

  • Store files efficiently 
  • Share or transfer files seamlessly- may it be within four walls or with customers, third-party vendors, and stakeholders

Business automation does so with FTP or automated file transfer protocol and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) software solutions. This way, files are transmitted between servers.

With what results?

You can choose to schedule FTP or SFTP upload or download files. Not to mention that you can do so even without a colleague’s help.

4. Generating & Dissemination of Reports 

Almost every business or organization works heavily on reports and spreadsheets. In some cases, these can be their foundation of daily operations.

So how can automation help in this regard?

  • Automation software can automatically disseminate reports on either a daily or weekly basis
  • It can generate reports in less time with better accuracy than humans do

With what results?

This saves time, hassle, and money in creating and analyzing these reports. Thus, it can better help you track historical data, drive optimal decisions, and predict future performance.

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