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Top 5 RPA Tools In 2019: UiPath, Automation Anywhere, etc.

Implementing RPA in your company is like gaining a solution tool that can take away your boring and repetitive tasks. Moreover, it gives your company a better production and results.

To achieve true automation, you need to have the right RPA tools. In this post, we gather the top five RPA tools that can aid and help your company to reach true automation.


UiPath comes with a digital force that can automate any tasks on Windows desktops and other servers. The Orchestrator, one of UiPath features, can control other process and response them into different events.

This company is currently expanding its solution to artificial intelligence. They are aiming to create an automation tool that can extract any information and images.

Blue Prism

Founded in 2012, Blue Prism is one of the earliest RPA company that emerge in the automation market. This solution tool is known best for its code-free slogan, enabling digital forces to work like humans.

Blue Prism emphasis its platform with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This solution allows you to integrate a different kind of activities, after that, it can generate its own action and improve the sequence over time.

In other words, it can learn and improve on its own.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere comes with a huge collection of solution tools that can tract clicking and searching activities. Moreover, it can ties various data and files together that exist around the internet.

Automation Anywhere bots are best known for its ability to gather and extract information from files, web pages, and spreadsheets. They are also some bots that store those data and information to use later on.


IBM is an RPA tool that offers a wide range of automation solution features and tools. It has a different tool for different products and process.

This tool gathers information via one of its feature called IBM Data Capture, flowing through this path and turning it to a business automation workflow.


Created and designed by ImageTech Systems, Kofax is an RPA tool that can gather data from different types of files, including email, Excel, JSON, and many more. Robotic Synthetic API, one of its famous feature, it has the ability to take away traditional programming.

Kofax digital forces can reach out via JAVA code, Python, and another programming language. Thus, it allows developers to easily interact with this solution.

Some of its bots can turn into smaller tools called Kapow Kapplets. These digital forces can work and focus on local activity. Moreover, they can track odd behaviors with standard analytics and report it in the dashboard, empowering you to watch if those bots and robots are glitches.