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UFT Automation Testing Tool for Your Ease

UFT Automation Testing Tool. This test automation is smart. It can work on all kinds of apps on computers and phones. And you don’t need to use this test automation if you want to keep using the old way of testing your app.

Benefits of using the UFT Automation Testing Tool

Enhance end-to-end testing

You can use UFT to test over 200 apps, technologies and environments. This will save you time.

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We have an intelligent tool that will help you test your omnichannel apps. Use our comprehensive technology stack that supports 200+ apps and environments. Centralize your functional testing efforts across enterprise architectures, and streamline manual and automated testing.

AI-powered intelligent test automation

AI (artificial intelligence) can help people with test automation. That means that it will be faster to create tests and the tests will be better because they are more reliable and cover a wider range of things.

This is a good way to create tests. Test creation, test execution, and maintenance can be improved through AI. When you use AI-based machine learning and advanced OCR, you can use the object recognition function for better results. This can be combined with other things like AI-based mockup identification and text matching for better tests that

Increase test coverage from the UI to API

Test the front-end and back-end parts of an application. This way, you can see if something is wrong or not working for both parts.

There are two parts to software testing. The first is called UI testing. This tests what the user sees on the screen, and it is done from a computer that has a person sitting at it. The second kind of test, API testing, is done without anyone sitting at the computer and with an automated process to run through everything that needs to be tested.

Control, communicate & collaborate

Make it so that people on different teams can work together. Make sure everyone gets the same information from other teams.

Facilitate good quality across different teams. Break down barriers between teams. Make sure that the people in different teams have the information they need to do their work so they don’t make mistakes. Help people on different teams work together to test automation by supporting them and making it easier for them to do their work, including engineers, and developers.

What is UFT Automation Testing Tool?

UFT Automation Testing Tool is a testing tool that helps you make automated tests. It works with different types of computers and phones, so it’s not specific to the device or operating system.

You can use UFT Automation Testing Tool if you want to write your own scripts. But it will also work if you are using other test automation tools.

How does UFT Automation Testing Tool work?

UFT-Coded UI will record the steps you take while using your website or app and then it will use those recordings to create automated tests. This means that when you make a change, you can compare the new version with the old one so that you can see if there’s a problem.

UFT-Coded UI is designed to work on different operating systems and devices, so you can use it for online testing, mobile app testing, desktop application testing and others.