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Vital Process Automation Tool in the New Era

Vital Process Automation Tool in the New Era. The automation of processes is one of the most usable technologies. Hence, with an important influence on the way your company operates.

It is quite simple to build in a couple of minutes what took days of coding now.

The good news is that we live in a world that is ideal for automated technologies. You may now use automation tools without the need to know a code line. Not just the realm of the experienced developer.

The bad news is that there are so many tools for process automation. Hence, it is difficult to know where to start.

Yet, it may be a hassle to decide which processing tool to use. Do you just want to close your eyes and choose the first one you meet?
Although a large number of process automation solutions offer identical capabilities. They generally target a distinct audience or technological stacks.

Vital Process Automation Tool


Kissflow Process is a web-based app for process automation. So, what your systems use doesn’t matter. But, because of its easy user sync capabilities and fast operations in Gmail, G Suite’s cloud-based approach is ideal.

Based on your business size and needs, Kissflow provides many price alternatives.
It comes with integrated project management and teamwork. The strength of Kissflow is how easy it is to use. Regardless of its technical background, for any business user.


Comindware is one of the choices that Microsoft stores only use. It offers amazing features and is easy to use, despite a somewhat old user interface. It is loved and will remain with those who fit its case for usage.

There is no dedicated mobile app. So, accepting ongoing requests is a bit tough. But you can easily browse the desktop version. Prices are normally around $30/user/month on that medium category. Hence, that isn’t a cheap choice.


K2 is a choice mostly employed by companies in the field of Microsoft. Probably Microsoft’s most advanced tool. Yet, it is quite difficult to know how and where to use it with other tools as it has to compete with Nintex and SharePoint.

K2 has really good technology. And the way to look at what is going on is open and transparent. But it is also on the more costly side. Further, an expert will need to know how to achieve it. But, despite being such a powerful technology, a K2 developer is not simple to find.

Process Street

The most simple choice on my list is Process Street. But, it works extremely well for what it does. Consider Process Street rather than high-power processes as advanced checklists. Process Street provides fantastic, timely service and is eager to help. But there’s no mobile app, so it’s tougher to get permissions on the move.

Process Street is one of the few automation apps for automating up to five workflows between 5 persons. And are available for free. However, if you need simple capabilities such as conditional logic, they rise up to $30/user/month.

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