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What are the Building Blocks for Collaborative Communication?

Building Blocks for Collaborative Communication a network of conversations is important. It will help the project go better because people will learn from each other. They talk about what they are doing and figure out how to get things done better.

All project managers have conversations that help them do their job. These are different from other conversations because they have key points that make them better.

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Here are some Building Blocks for Collaborative Communication

Make the Agenda as Collaborative

The first step in a good conversation is to have a collaborative agenda. This means that the person talking needs to show what they want from the other person. If you want them to agree with you, then ask them questions about what they think, and then show how your opinion is different. Then they can agree with you or not.

In project management, it is important to know the purpose of the meeting is. If you have an agenda, then you can help people know what they need to do. Social conversation can be good because it makes people happy and they learn about each other’s interests, but if people come to a meeting with a clear purpose then they will get their work done better.

Balance Advocacy With Inquiry

In order to collaborate, you will need to talk about your ideas. You have to listen to other people’s ideas.

Involving people in the process means that you need to listen to them. It also can be hard for us to listen when there is tension in the conversation. But we have to try hard, and not tell them what they want before they finish talking. If we say what we think or know, it will be hard for them to understand.

When we are participating in a conversation, we have to be open-minded and listen. We cannot assume that people will talk about what we want them to talk about; instead, we need them to say exactly what they think and feel. We must accept the fact that different people have different perspectives on the topics discussed.

Use the Language of Evaluation

A mistaken idea is that people will work together when they are told what they want to hear. Sometimes, a conversation about something not going well takes place. But there are some other ways to make it better. You can use the language of evaluation and point out what needs to be done in order for things to get better.

Evaluation is about assessing and making assertions. Assessments are when you look at something, and assertions are when you say what you think it means. Everyday work for project managers involves evaluating.

Sell Issues

One way to get people to do something is by issue selling. This means that one or more members of a team must gain the commitment of others. It doesn’t happen all the time, but instead, it will happen when they are stimulated, nurtured, and directed.

A project manager is someone who makes sure a team works together and helps them. The project manager tries to make things work by asking about other people’s needs, wants, or values.


To conclude, you can make project teamwork better by using their language. Meetings will be more productive.

The specific actions are:
Share information about the agenda, share your perspective of a situation or problem, Ask open-ended questions (questions that cannot be answered with yes or no), and Offer solutions – look for win/win situations.