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What are the Costless Automation Tools for Desktop Apps?

Costless Automation Tools for Desktop Apps. A variety of open source automation testing tools have affected us for browser testing and API automation.

I often ask, “Are you aware of an automation product that can be for desktop automation?”

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Here are the best free desktop automation tools.


WinAppDriver is a Windows by Appium for Windows automation apps created by Yousef Durr from Microsoft.

It’s is a selenium-style service that supports Windows Apps UI Test Automation. Testing UWP, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), WinForms, and Classic (Win32) programs on Windows 10 computers are supported by this service. Further, this Driver conforms with the standard JSON Wire Protocol and some Appium-defined app features.


Winium.Desktop is a web driven solution using Selenium Remote. So, it’s for Windows-based automated testing of WinForms and WPF-based apps.

It states in the Why Winium part of your website.
For web test apps, and for iOS and Android apps, you have Selenium WebDriver. And now you have tools based on Selenium to test Windows applications. What are the advantages? As Appium puts it:
Use any WebDriver-compatible language to develop tests with your preferred dev tools.

White Framework

Do you need a thick, WPF, Silverlight, Win32, or WinForms client app to be automated? If so, it may be that the white framework is for you.
Hence, White is a Test Stack open-source library. It has a restricted range like CodedUI. So, it targets just desktop applications rather than Web apps. They based both White and CodedUI on Microsoft’s UI Automation Library.

Further, it’s a helpful tool for anyone who needs to test such technologies. There are not a lot of testing tools to handle .NET apps. Hence, easy to start utilizing White.


Do you need a Java desktop test?
Jubula is a tool for open source automation of Java apps-specific UI testing. In the Eclips Community, it is also pretty well known.

Further, it offers automatic functional GUI tests for different sorts of apps. Thus, intended for teams who wish to write automated tests from the user’s point of view without any coding work.


Would you like to use Python as your language and automate Windows-based desktop apps as well? If so, check this out.

Hence, it promotes itself as a pure Python GUI automation toolkit nicely designed for Windows GUI. It allows you to send mouse and keyboard actions to Windows and Linux dialogs and controls. Whereas, Windows supports more complicated text-based actions till now.


SikuliX can assist automate whatever you can view with Windows, Mac, or some Linux/Unix on your desktop screen. So, in order to recognize and manipulate GUI components, SikuliX utilizes OpenCV image recognition.

FlaUI: Costless Automation Tools for Desktop Apps

FlaUI is a library that supports Win32, WinForms, WPF, Store Apps. (Windows) with automated test scripts for user interface apps. Due to one of the TestStack maintainers, FlaUI was built. White found White’s codebase awful for updating and support.

You might use FlaUI before if you are a C# SDET.
As of now, FlaUI has 709 GitHub stars.