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What Do You Know About Driver Automation Tool?

About Driver Automation Tool. The Driver Automation Tool is a PowerShell-based GUI. Thus, offers complete Automation of Dell, HP, Lenovo & Microsoft hardware to BIOS and Driver Downloads, Extract, Package and Distribution.

The simple GUI offers a list of models from the supported manufacturer. So that you may select one or more models. For instance, Dell and Lenovo models matched to the ConfigMgr-known WMI-Models can also be detected.

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How it works

You may pick your fabricator and your OS of choice when the tool is open. By clicking on the Find Models button the tool begins a download of the specified manufacturer’s XML content. Then, interprets XML, and presents a selection list of models.

By clicking the Add to Import List, each of these processing models are added. And the program starts the whole process by clicking the Start Download and Import Process button to download the contents automatically.

Packages custom and fallback

You may also use the tool to generate custom driver packages. Based on the same name scheme for manufacturers that do not supply direct XML feeds of the model. So, this is crucial when combining our modern driver and bios management solutions for this tool.

Then, you also have the option to construct the driver fallback package. Especially, if you are looking to match the unknown models inside your set and give a basic list of generic drivers.

Further, when using the UseDriverFallback conversion with our MDM solution, a download of a fallback package that corresponds to the deployed OS is not discovered. If a proper model match is not obtained.

Platform for Deployment

You may make progress on selecting for the vital procedure. Below are the different platforms for deployment.

ConfigMgr-Driver Pkg

With each separately import and present in the GUI, this module utilizes the driver package method.

ConfigMgr-Standard Pkg

This module employs the standard package type approach. And is suitable for dynamic driver deployment using the Modern Driver Management procedure and the Web Service.

PkG Standard ConfigMgr (Pilot)

This module offers the same feature as the default pkg option. But it names the packages with the naming scheme ‘Pilot.’ We can use this before it moves to production for testing purposes.


Used for import work for MDT.Both SCCM / Standard Pkg: used both in SCCM and MDT. Used for importing.Download Drivers Only: but not imported drivers may be downloaded.

Model Generation for Download & XML

The same applies to the download option. Except that, they produce an XML list with details of all models included on the download route. This option can be for disk imaging solutions from third parties.

Selection of HP SoftPaqs

This functionality is in new versions of the drivers automation tool. Hence, for those of you who are interested in HP. In all its model range, HP shares a significant number of SoftPaqs. Click on the SoftPaqs download and the download procedure will begin. They show the drivers in a new “HP Driver Catalog” tab. The subfolder and content open after being downloaded and packed.